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Tesla (TSLA) Finishes Q1 2022 With Only 17 Inventory Vehicles In The US

Despite Tesla increasing vehicle production at an incredible pace, demand for the EV maker's vehicles seems to have no end. And in a new sign of the skyrocketing demand, today Tesla inventory tracking sight announced the EV maker ended the quarter with only 17 inventory vehicles in the US.


Tesla has been enjoying booming demand for its vehicles. Some Tesla variants such as the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Model X have delivery dates as far out as March 2023.

This might seem in line with the broader automotive market as chip shortage and supply disruptions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic have forced auto OEMs to significantly cut back production.

However, through hard work and ingenuity, Tesla has been able to navigate the chip shortage relatively unscathed. And rather than decreasing production like most automakers, Tesla has been posting record production and delivery numbers.

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In the fourth quarter of 2021, Tesla said it delivered 308,000 vehicles for a 71% growth year over year. However, despite Tesla growing production at a rapid rate, the automaker still seems unable to meet the exploding demand for its vehicles.

And what is even more impressive, in the past year, Tesla has significantly increased prices on all its vehicle variants. Back in 2021, the cheapest Tesla model, the Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 could be had for as little as $35,999, however, after a spate of price increases, the same vehicle now starts at $47,000.

And it’s the same story across all variants of the EV maker’s vehicles. Model Y has increased by more than $10,000 in the same time and the Model S and X have also increased by as much as $20,000.

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Still, there seems to be an insatiable demand for Tesla vehicles. And now, in another sign of skyrocketing demand, Tesla inventory tracking sight revealed that the EV maker finished the quarter ending March 31 with only 17 inventory vehicles.

This means that in the whole of the US, Tesla only has 17 vehicles without an immediate buyer. Of these 17 vehicles, all are Model S Plaids and there aren’t any Model 3, Y, X inventory vehicles.

A few years back, it used to be common practice among Tesla shorts and the TeslaQ community to fly drones over Tesla’s Fremont California plant vehicle parking and claim demand for Tesla vehicles is collapsing.

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This quarter’s inventory number should quiet Tesla naysayers once and for all. Although I have a feeling Tesla shorts will find a new baseless angle of attack.

In the next couple of days, Tesla is expected to announce Q1 2022 delivery numbers. And we will be sure to keep you posted as Tesla announces those results. Make sure to visit our site regularly for the latest updates.

So what do you think? Excited about the incredible demand for Tesla vehicles? How do you think the long wait times will affect demand going forward? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla

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