Automotive Journalism Jobs

Automotive Journalism Careers is looking for automotive journalists to join our team. We currently have several open paid positions with a competitive pay.

TorqueNews focuses on daily automotive news and opinion. Each writer in our team is aligned with one or more brands. This allows the writer to cover all the news and opinion for that list of brands without the need for complex topic reservation. Torque News stories are generally 600 to 1000 words in length, and original photography is not usually required. Reviews are not accepted from new writers, but those writers that stay long-term do contribute limited reviews and comparisons with the editor's approval.

Automotive Journalism Pay at TorqueNews

We think our pay system is very competitive in the following way. Torque News works best for a writer that has about 7 hours per week of available time and who can produce a minimum of six stories each week. You can earn thousands of dollars a month for this amount of work. Pay is directly linked to readership views and tracked via Google Analytics. Over time, evergreen and opinion stories build up an increasing portion of one's monthly pay. The writers who do the best at Torque News stay for the long haul.

If interested, please contact for automotive journalism jobs by emailing us using our contact form.