Urus Cropped Image for 2020

Thieves Boost, Damage Pair Of Lambo SUVs from Mass. Luxo Dealership

Authorities are continuing their manhunt for the fourth car thief who boosted two Lamborghini SUVs early today from a luxury dealership west of Boston. Local police arrested a pair of the car thieves near the dealership as the two others sped away in the luxury SUVs. Later in the day, the thieves played bumper car with the Lambos and police captured the third thief.
2018 Lambo Urus

Lambo needs luxury SUV Urus success but will it find it?

Lamborghini is investing lots of capital and hoping that its Urus, an unknown quantity, meets its expectations. Urus is Lambo's 189-mph luxury performance SUV. The automaker apparently hopes it will tap an untapped market in high-performance luxury SUVs. Will it and will it be worthy of the investment Lambo has made? No one knows the answer.
2017 Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan achieve milestones

Lamborghini has achieved two major milestones in the production of its Aventador and Huracan models. First, Aventador reached its sixth production anniversary with its 9,000 units produced. Second, the successful Huracan reached the 9,000-unit level three years earlier than Aventador as Lambo marked the third production anniversary of the supercar.