5-Year-Old SUVs that are fuel efficient and affordable

Consumer Reports Most Fuel-Efficient Used Compact SUVs Recommended Today

Looking for an SUV that will save you on both fuel and price? Now might be a good time to take a look at 5-year-old compact SUVs with respectable fuel efficiency as a good alternative to other used vehicles per Consumer Reports latest listing of fuel-efficient used SUVs they recommended today.
Tesla AI, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Developing One Of Most Powerful AI Supercomputers Worldwide - For Good Reasons

One of Tesla's keys to improving its driving assistance systems - and developing future fully autonomous proposals, FSD - is to have enough computing power to process the huge amount of data that comes from 3 million cars on the streets, as of August 2022. To meet this challenge, Tesla unveiled last year one of the world's most powerful artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers; now, after a GPU upgrade, it's even much more powerful.
Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Cybertruck Owners Will Be Able To Legally Drive Without A Side-View Mirror

Elon Musk had previously confirmed that the Cybertruck will ship with easily removable side-view mirrors. Since then, there has been debate on whether the vehicle can legally be driven without side-view mirrors. However, today Musk has confirmed that a Cybertruck without side-view mirrors can legally be driven on US roads. Musk also says it will improve the range by 5%.
Tesla Model Y, Courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Model Y First Deliveries In Australia And New Zealand

The Australian market is relatively small, but important. Tesla has taken its time on the delivery of the Model Y crossover to these oceanic territories, but the first deliveries have already been made, both in Australia and New Zealand. In these countries you drive on the left with the steering wheel on the right, which is always an additional complication.


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