Ford Lighting is Not a Winter Weather Winner

Ford Lightning EV Winter Disaster You May Want to Avoid

Here’s a recent take by a Ford F-150 Lightning EV owner on why it is a winter disaster compared to non-EV models that you may want to avoid. Plus, find out why you might also be better off waiting a little while longer and saving for a GM model that is predicted to be the EV truck of tomorrow that the Ford Lighting is not today.
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Shows Design Of The “Smaller, Tight Wolverine package” Cybertruck Meant For International Markets

Elon Musk has said that in the future Tesla will "make an international version of Cybertruck that will be kinda smaller, kind of like a tight Wolverine package." And today we have seen our first glimpse of a smaller, 2 door Cybertruck design directly from Tesla.


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