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Come to this section of Torque News to read general Ford news and reviews. The Ford F Series has been the bestselling vehicle in the United States for over three decades and here you will find the latest Ford news and reviews about of Ford models. The Ford brand is far more than just trucks. Models like the Fusion, Focus EV, Taurus, Fiesta, Mustang, Escape and Explorer make Ford a top competitor in pretty much every major automotive segment in both the American and global markets. Torque News reporters update the news on this page about Ford vehicles daily.

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Mach-E Police Interceptor rear quarter angle

Ford Mustang Mach-E Makes History, Becomes First EV To Pass Michigan State Police Evaluations

The Michigan State Police evaluation tests are one of the toughest tests a potential police vehicle can go through in the country. The brutal driving and capability tests push vehicles to their limits, but the Ford Mustang Mach-E has made history by being the first pure electric vehicle to pass the challenging gauntlet of tests.
Redwood Materials sign

Ford Invests $50 Million Into Battery Recycler Redwood Materials

Ford's strong commitment to the EV market is unquestioned, but while models like the Mustang Mach-E and the 2022 F-150 Lightning are doing a good job of making consumers aware of the technology, the company is also beefing up its supply network with Ford revealing that it's investing $50 million into the upstart battery recycling firm Redwood Materials
Rivian R1T vs Ford F-150 Lightning

Rivian R1T vs F-150 Lightning, The Next Big Truck Rivalry

The electric pickup segment promises to be the next potential gold mine for automakers. The combination of zero-emissions performance and pickup functionality is a perfect blend of both worlds. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning promises to bring an electrified truck to the masses, but with Rivian’s recent announcement that it built its first “sellable” version of its R1T pickup.
2021 Ford Mach-E at the Colorado Concours D'Elegance

2021 Colorado Concours D'Elegance Highlights Beautiful Classics and New Electric Vehicles Like the 2021 Ford Mach-E

The Colorado Concours D'Elegance is back after taking more than a year off because of COVID. The show highlights the best of both old and new vehicles including a 2021 Ford Mach-E dressed up in Star Wars style.
Ford Escort PTU has easy access for maintenance.

Ford Escape Power Transfer Unit (PTU) Fluid Servicing is an Easy DIY Garage Project

Are you the owner of a Ford Escape and looking to save yourself a significant amount of money and headache? Then you really need to consider changing the fluid on your Escape’s PTU as on easy DIY maintenance job that you can do at home in your garage or driveway to avoid eventual disaster. Read along and watch an informative video that takes you step-by-step through this maintenance procedure.
2021 Ford Bronco Rebelle Rally team

Ford Ready To Showcase Broncos At 2021 Rebelle Rally

Will be second year for Bronco family of vehicles which includes Bronco two-door, Bronco four-door and Bronco Sport SUVs. All vehicles competed in last year’s event with Bronco Sport team taking first place. All three Bronco entries to be outfitted with livery inspired by Bronco 4600 vehicle that will run in the ULTRA4 stock class off-road race series.
Ford Bronco Riptide Concept

Ford Bronco Riptide Showcases West-Coast Surfing Lifestyle

Bronco Riptide vehicle highlights factory accessories for coastal lifestyle, featuring surfing accessories and personalization options. Ford reimagined a Sasquatch Package and aimed it at a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle. Showcases true customization available for Bronco brand and Built Wild modular design.
2022 Ford Maverick

2022 Ford Maverick’s $21,490 Base Price Is Less Than Original Ford Model T When Inflation Is Taken Into Account

Original Ford Model T had starting price of $850 which translates to more than $25,000 in today’s dollars when you consider inflation. Could Ford Maverick be as revolutionary for Blue Oval as the Model T was with its price?
2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition

2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition supercar pays homage to the 1964 Ford GT

Ford GT Heritage Edition is a modern interpretation of the original, combining classic Ford Performance features such as Wimbledon White paint and a triple racing stripe with contemporary touches including exposed carbon fiber behind Antimatter Blue-painted carbon fiber wheels and Lightspeed Blue Alcantara suede seats. Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition debuts at Monterey Car Week alongside the sole surviving 1964 Ford GT prototype.
Joke eyeglasses trick driver assist safety feature

Driver Assist Safety Can Be Fooled Not Just in Tesla, But in Ford Vehicles and Many Others Too

A new video shows that just like Tesla, Ford and many other vehicles equipped with driver assist features can be tricked into unsafe driving conditions. According to Car and Driver magazine, “..this is not just a Tesla problem, but one that affects the entire industry. Automakers should close these loopholes to head-off future idiocy.”