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4 Reasons Your Pickup Truck Will Benefit From The Worksport Solar Tonneau Cover

I found the ultimate pickup truck accessory that combines off-the-grid energy and utility.

Truck accessories are an important part of personalizing your ride and it's even better when one accessory has a multi-purpose capability. Popular trucks like the Toyota Tundra have their fair share of popular modifications, which enhance the truck's capabilities or negate some of its imperfections. I usually don't endorse products, but I was sent press material about something that I think shouldn't be slept upon.  

Worksport was recently awarded 'Innovator of the Year' by Buffalo Business First for their work in revolutionary, solar truck covers, and here's why I think this is a perfect thing to have if you own a truck. 

1. It's a simple plug and play  

A pickup truck with the SOLIS Solar Tonneau cover installed

Let's face it. If your truck doesn't come with a tonneau cover or the one it has isn't up to your standards, you will go for an aftermarket one. If so, why not go for the one that can generate solar power that can be used in various ways? The SOLIS Solar Tonneau is an easy plug-and-play, meaning its installation is almost identical to a conventional tonneau cover. The company is, currently, partnering with a variety of carmakers like Hyundai, to provide more uses for green energy products.  

2. You can use it to power appliances 

The SOLIS Solar Tonneau cover can be used to power appliances, but in its current iteration, it best works with the Worksport COR mobile battery generator. The system can be combined with any type of truck, regardless of whether it's gas, diesel, hybrid, or fully electric, and can output 110V AC with a standard output of 2,000 Watts.

This means you can power any appliance you would normally plug at home. The system is also compatible with most other power stations and power banks, and makes use of the company's latest advancements in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm.  

This, combined with the COR mobile battery generator, makes the SOLIS Solar Tonneau an ideal pickup truck accessory for camping. Worksport is currently working on establishing more partnerships with OEM manufacturers to streamline the process of integrating its truck accessories into existing and upcoming truck models. 

3. The potential to serve as a range extender 

EV pickup trucks like the Rivian R1T can greatly benefit from the SOLIS Solar Tonneau cover

It is possible to integrate the SOLIS Solar Tonneau with your truck's existing electrical system, although at this point, it requires some extra electrical work. That said, the company is already partnering up with carmakers like Hyundai, which has the Santa Cruz pickup truck, and is working on developing partnerships with other truck manufacturers for customers to utilize the Worksport truck accessories to their fullest potential.  

Thanks to the company's MPPT charge controller, the system can provide up to 10 miles of charge per day. As the average person drives 30 miles per day, this is 1/3 of the required charge (for a BEV truck), necessary for a commute. Future iterations of the solar tonneau cover will feature a streamlined process that would integrate with a truck's existing electrical system more easily. Combined with the COR system, the solar tonneau cover can generate 650 Watts of energy from collected solar energy. 

4. The sleek design 

You would think a solar tonneau cover for a pickup truck with so many functions would be bulky, but actually, that's not the case. When installed over a truck bed, The SOLIS Solar Tonneau cover looks like an OEM piece, as it creates a low-drag, clear surface over the bed. It can also be folded in multiple ways for easy access to the cargo area.  

How much does it cost? 

Prices are not yet announced, but it will apparently, be a great value for money, given the functionality. Currently, Worksport is offering a bundle consisting of the SOLIS Solar Tonneau cover and COR mobile battery system, with a projected price of $3,499. The COR generator is available as a standalone piece. I expect, eventually, the solar tonneau cover will be available as a standalone piece. 

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Image sources: Worksport, Rivian