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Tesla Growth in 2019

What I'll be watching for tomorrow on the Tesla 3Q Earnings Call

In this article, I'll explain how to listen to Tesla's third-quarter earnings call and why you would want to, even if you aren't a shareholder. You will learn what to expect from the call and how to find out what questions will be asked. I'll also mention the type of news you shouldn't expect to hear on this call and why not.
Map of existing and coming soon Tesla Superchargers in Europe

Breaking: Tesla Europe Offers Free Supercharging To Any EV

In this article, I’ll cover how Tesla is offering free supercharging to any EV owner in Europe that has a CCS2 plug at selected superchargers in Europe. I’ll describe why they are doing that and how I expect this to evolve as Tesla greatly grows their market share in Europe over the next few years.
Tesla Solar Tile

Why I Am Not Buying Tesla Solar Panels or Solar Roof For My House Yet

In this article, I am going to go over the different factors that I am using to evaluate whether to install solar (Tesla or another brand) on my house. I hope you can use it as a framework to help you decide if solar is a good choice for your home or townhouse. Some of the factors you need to consider are very personal to your individual situation and some of the factors are based on the city and state you live in and the national incentives.