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Tesla Model Y at Giga Texas

Tesla Has Achieved An Incredible Model Y Production Ramp At Giga Texas Suggest Insider Leaks

New leaks suggest Tesla has achieved an incredible production ramp at the company's newest facility in Austin, Texas. According to the leaks, Tesla has already reached a production rate of between 2000 and 5000 Model Y's a week at the facility.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Has Begun Delivering Model Y Long Range With 2170 Cells & Updated Interior From Giga Texas

After starting production at Giga Texas with the refreshed Model Y with 4680 cells and a structural battery pack, today, Tesla has also started selling a second Model Y variant from the Austin facility. The new Model Y Long Range comes with the 2170 cells and updated interior features.
Gigafactory Berlin, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Gigafactory Berlin To Have A Third Shift: More European Tesla Models

Tesla Giga Berlin continues to prepare for mass production, although it is currently still a "money burner" as per Elon Musk´s comments, due to its relatively low production volumes. The company has not managed - like every other automaker - to stabilize its supply chain issues yet; but still, that is not the entire picture: Giga Berlin wasn't offering salaries lucrative enough in order to quickly fill its vacancies, but Tesla has already taken notice and is offering more euros for the same job.
Powerwall, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Virtual Power Plant To Compensate Powerwall Users Who Help Avoid Blackouts

Tesla has teamed up with the electric company PG&E in California to release a new version of the Powerwall virtual power plant. The highlight is that in the event of a power emergency, users who contribute their backup energy will receive 2 dollars for each kWh contributed.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Starts Selling Long Range Giga Texas Built Refreshed Model Y With 4680 Cells For A 9.5K Discount

According to new sources, Tesla has begun selling a second variant of the refreshed Model Y with 4680 cells & structural battery pack. The new vehicle, produced in Giga Texas, is a Model Y Long Range and starts $9,500 cheaper than the Long Range Model Y produced at Tesla's Fremont California pant.
Tesla Model Y, Courtesy of Tesla Inc.

One Out Of Three Electric Cars Sold In The US Is A Tesla Model Y

The United States is the second most important EV market in the world, mainly thanks to the State of California; being one of the 50 states in the union, it certainly seems like a different country when it comes to electric cars, but one thing is clear: Tesla clearly dominates electric car sales in all 50 states, and one model especially stands out from the SX3Y quartet, the Model Y.
Tesla Model Y

Tesla Begins Selling The Refreshed Model Y With 4680 Cells & Structural Pack Outside Of Texas

Tesla started refreshed 4680 Model Y deliveries at the Giga Texas opening event. However, initial deliveries were limited to Tesla employees. Later, Tesla widened the pool of individuals that could get the new vehicle to Austin, then the entire state of Texas. Now, Tesla has begun inviting Model Y reservation holders outside Texas to get the refreshed version of the all-electric crossover.
Kia Sorento X-Line SX Prestige AWD 2022 review

Kia Sorento X-Line SX Prestige AWD 2022: Harmonious Design for Family Life

Today the midsize SUV market is one of the most competitive and one of the vehicles that really stands out in this segment is the Kia Sorento, a very good option offered by the Korean automaker. This week Torque news is reviewing the top X-Line SX-Prestige AWD trim of the 2022 Sorento SUV.
Tesla Model Y structural battery

Tesla’s 4680 Cells Prove Revolutionary As Refreshed Model Y Revealed To Have A Small 50KWh Battery Pack

Tesla first began delivering the refreshed Model Y at the Giga Texas opening ceremony. Despite having 4680 cells and a structural battery pack, the vehicle only has a 279-mile EPA range. At the time Tesla said the small battery pack was the reason for the limited range. And today we learned that the refreshed Model Y only has a 50KWh battery pack.
Tesla AI, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla To Have Working Prototype Of Tesla Bot By September 30

Tesla surprised the high-tech world last year by hosting "AI Day", where it basically presented its latest technological innovations: more specifically a humanoid robot introduced with the name "Tesla Bot"; a project that Elon Musk just confirmed will actually have its first working prototype, which will be shown during an event that will take place at the end of September this year.
Tesla Model 3, Courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Making More Profit Per Car Than Legacy Premium Manufacturers

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, the whole world started to witness a curious trend: manufacturers selling fewer cars, but actually making more money. Supply chain problems basically caused that, as a consequence, there are fewer cars on the market, and those actually available are more expensive. Due to excess demand, traditional discounts have been mostly suppressed and - as experienced by every automaker - competition has been reduced.