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Toyota BEV Sales Sky Rocket In 2024, But The Three Most Sold Models Are Not All Hybrid

Toyota recently announced its 2024 sales figures so far, and something interesting is happening.

On July 2, Toyota Motor North America released sales figures for the first half of 2024, and a few things became apparent. 

Substantial rise in Toyota BEV sales 

Toyota and by extension Lexus, currently have 29 electrified offerings available – the largest of any car manufacturer – so it's hardly a surprise EV sales have increased. During the first half of 2024, Toyota sold 1,186,647 vehicles sold. That's a 14.3-percent increase on a volume basis.

The more interesting figure revolves around Toyota BEV sales figures, which in the first half of 2024, amount to 454,197 vehicles sold. That's 67.9 percent more than the same period in 2023. Even more astounding is the fact BEV sales account for 38.3 percent of Toyota and Lexus 2024 sales, so far. 

June 2024 was particularly strong for Toyota sales. June 2024 sales perfectly showcase the trends in the industry. With 193,120 vehicles sold, Toyota actually saw a 1.2-percent drop in sales compared to June 2023. However, at the same time, the Japanese carmaker saw a 64.5-percent jump in BEV sales.  

Toyota's luxury arm, Lexus, saw a record jump in sales 

Back in March, I published an article based on 2023 sales figures released by Lexus. The luxury carmaker sold a record, 824,258 cars, which is a whopping, 132-percent increase compared to the previous year. It's also an all-time high for the brand, during its 35-year existence. North American Lexus sales for 2023 saw the third-biggest jump – 24 percent more compared to 2022. 

Here's why Toyota and Lexus sales are going to skyrocket even more 

Lexus vehicles mark a record growth in sale in 2023

It seems, for better or worse, Toyota is riding the BEV wave as hybrid vehicles have jumped in popularity, in recent years. The J250 Toyota Land Cruiser is the first, hybrid-only iteration of the iconic SUV, and Toyota is not done converting other popular nameplates to BEV-only models.

The next-generation Toyota RAV4 will also be a hybrid-only model, and given the compact SUV is already the most popular SUV on the planet, sales are bound to go up even more. We already know that the overachieving Toyota Camry will feature the company's fifth-generation hybrid powertrains from 2025 too, and that is another extremely popular Toyota model.  

What are the most popular Toyota and Lexus models in 2024? 

1. Lexus RX 

According to GCBC (Good Car Bad Car), a total of 54,955 Lexus RX were sold in the first half of 2024. This is a big lead over the second best-selling Lexus model, the ES, of which 19,588 units were sold during the same period. Lexus RX is a compact, luxury SUV and is the brand's second-smallest SUV on sale in the US, after the Lexus UX. The 2024 Lexus RX has a starting MSRP of $49,950. Standard all-wheel drive, punchy engines, and hybrid options make a strong case for the Lexus RX. 

2. Toyota Corolla 

Toyota Corolla to receive new engine options for 2025

It's hardly a surprise the Toyota Corolla is here. The most mass-produced car ever enjoys 60,071 units sold in the first half of 2024, despite the SUV craze still going strong. The Corolla is almost on par with the next most popular Toyota model, which is an SUV. The Corolla's LE trim seems to be the most popular, since it comes at a very reasonable price and offers good standard equipment. The hybrid variants cost extra. An all-new Toyota Corolla is in the works, and with it, the GR Corolla might get a few neat upgrades

3. Toyota Highlander 

Toyota Highlander more popular than the larger Grand Highlander

In many ways, the Toyota Highlander is the most versatile SUV. Granted, it isn't as rugged as the new Toyota 4Runner, but it provides plenty of practicality and luxury for families who travel a lot. In the first half of 2024, 60,108 Toyota Highlanders were sold. Interestingly enough, the bigger Grand Highlander was sold 48,840 times during the same period. The 2.4-liter turbo-four and 2.5-liter hybrid are familiar from other Toyota an Lexus models and surprisingly potent. In its quickest form, the Highlander sprints to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds.  

4. Toyota Tacoma 

Toyota Tacoma outsells models like the Highlander and Corolla in the first half of 2024

The Tacoma is one of the most popular Japanese pickup trucks. It dates back to 1995 when the Hilux stopped being offered in the US. Four generations later, the Tacoma has become one of the most versatile pickupThe  trucks you can buy, and it seems there are exciting versions for anyone. The Toyota Tacoma GR Sport, in particular, combines off-road credentials, truck utility, and a bit of rally Dacar vibes thanks to a tweaked GR-Four system. Iconic nameplates like the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner might also return with a bang. It's small wonder Toyota has already sold 69,437 units of the new Tacoma. 

5. Toyota Camry 

Toyota Camry has long been the biggest bargain in Toyota's lineup. Even the 2025 Toyota Camry will start at $29,495, which is almost $2,000 more than the 2024 model's starting MSRP. For those who want more space and comfort than what the Corolla offers, the Camry is the most logical choice. With 78,337 units sold in the first half of 2024, the Camry is the third-most-popular Toyota on sale. Generous standard equipment and efficient, hybrid powertrains make the Camry the perfect sedan for long-distance commutes.  

6. Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra among the brand's most popular models in 2024

While many people lament the old Toyota Tundra's stalwart V-8 engine, this hasn't deterred the new model from becoming popular. Many Toyota Tundra owners have already made their truck truly their own with popular modifications. Meanwhile, the new, twin-turbo V-6 provides plenty of power and torque, although towing stuff with the new Toyota Tundra might result in a surprising, for some, MPG. Still, 2024 Toyota Tundra sales for the first half amount to 78,454, which just goes to show how popular pickup trucks are in the US. 

7. Toyota RAV4 

Toyota RAV4 is the most sold Toyota model by a long shot, with 124,822 units sold in the first half of 2024. The combination of ideal size, adequate off-road capabilities in TRD Off-road trim, and generous standard equipment make it the ideal companion for families looking for adventure. There are a couple of powertrains, most of which are hybrid for the 2024 model year. The Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV is as quick to 60 mph as some performance models, and its next iteration will be even more powerful. With so many ways you can spec a RAV4 for under $40,000, it's no surprise Toyota is selling so many units. 

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