Toyota Tacoma

Car Maintenance Basics

Common Car Maintenance Mistake Owners Make When Diagnosing Their Car’s Engine Problems

Can you spot the mistake in the engine image above that is a sign of a common car maintenance mistake owners often make when working on their car engine problems? Read on to discover if you are correct, and find out what was the unusual mystery source of the real problem behind this engine that some owners face with their Toyota and other makes of cars.
Toyota Tacoma's are known to have brake warning light issues.

An Easy Diagnosis and Fix When Your Brake Warning Light Comes On

In some cases, rather than being an indication of impending mechanical failure, a flashing or constantly-on brake light warning is a common problem seen in particular models of cars. Here are some things you can do before going to a garage that just might make that brake warning light problem disappear by learning some simple maintenance checks applicable to many used car models; plus, a video demonstrating one brake warning light idiosyncrasy observed in some Toyota Tacoma’s.
Toyota Tacoma owner learns he was scammed by a garage.

How Some Car Repair Garages Hide Their Brake Repair Scam And What You Can Do About It

Not all brake repair scams are obvious. Especially when the car repair center or garage appears to be saving your day, but is actually going after your savings. Here’s one example of how some dishonest service techs and mechanics manage to gouge you with a brake repair scam that is hidden in the paperwork. As an added bonus, this article is also a warning to Tacoma owners about one common problem that should be monitored regularly in their vehicle.