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I have been an automotive writer since 1971 when an otherwise normal news editor said "You're our new car editor," while he dumped about 27 pounds of auto material on my desk. He didn't know that I had been a gearhead since I was a little kid. I spent the usual number of misspent hours in my teens retuning -- with my brother -- our dad's power mower, among other things, going through that rite of passage -- pumping gas and hanging out at the local Texaco (okay my friend's dad owned it). From there there on it was a straight line through the rest of high school and college to the fateful day when the news editor helped to stoke my gearheadedness. I began to write "You Auto Know," the paper's weekly car column that appeared like clockwork on Saturday's on the next-to-last page of the paper. It appeared there for 32 years. Not many know that I had twin careers. Not only was I an auto freelancer for many years -- yes even while writing YAN -- but I was also a technology geek who ran computer systems, documented them, created procedures and training and I even wrote documentation on how to run the silly things. My best writing, though, was always in cars. My work has appeared in venues you may have heard of: Popular Mechanics, Mechanix Illustrated, AutoWeek, SuperStock, Trailer Life, Old Cars Weekly, Special Interest Autos, the Kruse Report (gone but not forgotten fantastic roto book) and others. My online work has been for the Examiner, Ezines, the Patch, Oppositelock, (I wrote most of their online material for a year), transmissioncostrepairguide (I'm the Marc they talk about), and Associated!Autos and others. Wow, that's a lot of type, isn't it? But, it's me and I've probably left something out.
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