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About Us, a Hareyan Publishing company, is an automotive-related news website dedicated to covering the latest news about the car industry from all angles.

Best Practices in Automotive Journalism

Torque News team of reporters who are experts, authority and provide trustworthy news coverage about the automotive industry. Torque News readers can verify this by reading the profiles of our reporters and following them on social media such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. We follow the best practiced in automotive journalism. 

Torque News' mission is self-funded by advertising revenues, hosted on our news website and we follow the highest ethics in our news coverage. 

Torque News makes correction, provides references to our sources and provides a platform for diverse voices in our automotive news coverage. It consists of a team of professional reporters who have years of experience in covering car news and reviewing new cars and trucks.

Our auto-reporters provide a fresh perspective not found at other car websites with pieces on design, trends, international events, and product news. is a new look at the world's love affair with cars. Follow us on Youtube, X and Facebook. Help us make a better place. Use our Contact page to tell us what you think about the news and the cars we cover.