Bentley is a premium automaker among premium makers. Best known for its estate cars, the company is reviving its old-time race heritage with some new, beautiful supercars like the Continental GT to expand its market once again. As the saying goes, "If you're in a Bentley, you know you've made it."
New and Old Bentley Cars

100 Years of Bentley Leaves a Silver Seraph We’d Like to Forget and a Mulsanne to Always Remember

January 18, 2019 marks the centennial year for Bentley Motors Ltd., and contrary to how things started, they truly do have a lot to celebrate about, starting with their history, and a 2019 Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Mulliner Special Edition I wish I had in my garage, certainly I’ll be looking to add to my diecast car collection.

88 year old ‘Flying Mile’ speed record falls to production Bentley Continental G.T. Speed

As reported in the Sunday Los Angeles Times: English Actor and car enthusiasts Idris Elba, broke Sir Malcolm Campbell’s U.K. “Flying Mile” speed record, running on the beaches of Pendine Sands, Wales. Now, for the rest of the story.