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Bentley Planning to do Faster Versions of the Bentayga

Most of Bentley's lineup features more powerful versions known as 'Speed' models. The only model without one is the brand new Bentayga SUV, but that might be changing.
Posted: April 28, 2016 - 9:35AM
Author: Will Maley

Why would anyone want a more powerful version of the Bentayga? The current model already offers 600 horsepower W12 engine, making it the most powerful SUV on sale. But there is always someone who wants more.

Speaking with Auto Express at Beijing Motor Show this week, Bentley chief executive Wolfgang Durheimer hinted that a Benyayga Speed could happen.

“At the moment they want Bentayga – it’s due to launch here in July. But if you’re asking whether there would be Speed versions of the Bentayga eventually, then yes, you might expect that,” said Durheimer.

What would a Bentayga Speed look like?

Like the Continental GT Speed and Mulsanne Speed, we would expect a slight increase in horsepower. Auto Express guess that an increase of 50 horsepower would be realistic. Other changes we would expect include a sport setting for the air suspension and various exterior changes.

Pic Credit: Bentley