Lexus is the Toyota premium brand. Perhaps the world's most reliable make, many Lexus models outsell German rivals. The Lexus ES 350 sedan and RX 350 luxury crossover are the sales leaders in their class.
Expect Suspension Problems with This Model

Avoid This Lexus Model Advises Toyota Mechanic

While Lexus is well-known for its quality-built cars, there are cases of particular models that are prone to have problems that are especially very expensive to fix. As an example, here’s one Lexus model this Toyota mechanic advises against buying. But if you already have one, he provides some good advice on not only how to test your Lexus to see if it has this problem (or is about to develop one), but what you can do to save money toward fixing the problem.
Toyota/Lexus Mechanic Reviews the Least Expensive Lexus Today

Should You Buy the Cheapest Lexus of 2022?

Is the cheapest Lexus still a “LEXUS”? Here is the answer to some important questions revealed by a Toyota mechanic who knows the ins and outs of Lexus vehicles for car shoppers wanting a Lexus at an affordable price but need to know what to expect in terms of Lexus quality, driving performance and reliability from this lowest priced model.
Toyota Electric vehicles

Toyota New EV Plan Showcases Everything From Cars to SUVs, Supercars and a Truck

After years of planning, Toyota finally revealed its electric lineup of vehicles at its Mega Web showroom in Tokyo. Aikido Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation, enthusiastically presented 13 new BEVs and subtly introduced us to a new business doctrine behind the Toyota Motor Corporation as a whole.