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The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Today

Here’s the latest selection from Consumer Reports on what they found to be the most fuel-efficient cars based on overall fuel-economy test results.

Earlier this year, we’ve alerted reader to the most fuel-efficient SUVs, the most satisfying new pickup trucks, and even Consumer Reports Best American Cars, SUVs, and Trucks―all of which, were factored using CR’s barrage of multiple tests in various categories of engine reliability, fuel economy, comfort and style, affordability, and those models that qualified as meeting their Green Choice designation.

Right Now, It’s All About Fuel Efficiency

However, this past week Consumer Reports kept their tiered selection to just fuel economy for those car buyers who looking for nothing but the best in affordability and fuel efficiency coming from their next car to fit their needs and wallet.

Using a precision flow meter over equal portions of city and highway miles rounded to the nearest gallon, CR analysts crunched the numbers and produced a list of multiple vehicles to choose from that they found to be the leaders amongst fuel-efficient hybrids.

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This list starts with the most efficient car, and it doesn’t include plug-in vehicles or EVs. All 10 cars are hybrids that achieved at least 40 mpg overall in CR’s tests. Each of the featured models has our Green Choice designation, which highlights vehicles with the cleanest emissions.”

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Starting in order from the most fuel efficient first to the least in their selection, here are their listed selling prices and mileage you can expect with each:

The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

1. Toyota Prius 2024

Price Range:  $27,950 - $36,365

CR MPG:  Overall 51 / City 40 / Hwy 59 mpg

#2 of 18 Compact cars

2. Hyundai Elantra Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $26,250 - $29,450

CR MPG:  Overall 48 / City 40 / Hwy 55 mpg

#5 of 18 Compact cars

3. Toyota Corolla Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $22,050 - $28,340

CR MPG:  Overall 48 / City 37 / Hwy 59 mpg

#10 of 18 Compact cars

4. Toyota Camry Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $26,420 - $36,845

CR MPG:  Overall 47 / City 39 / Hwy 53 mpg

#1 of 12 Midsized cars

5. Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $33,840 - $39,590

CR MPG:  Overall 47 / City 38 / Hwy 54 mpg

#1 of 18 Compact cars

6. Kia Niro 2024

Price Range:  $26,940 - $44,600

CR MPG:  Overall 45 / City 41 / Hwy 48 mpg

#3 of 18 Compact cars

7. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $30,800 - $37,200

CR MPG:  Overall 44 / City 36 / Hwy 51 mpg

#9 of 12 Midsized cars

8. Toyota Prius Prime 2024

Price Range:  $32,975 - $39,670

CR MPG:  Overall 43 / City 36 / Hwy 48 mpg

#7 of 18 Compact cars

9. Toyota Crown 2024

Price Range:  $40,350 - $53,370

CR MPG:  Overall 42 / City 33 / Hwy 49 mpg

#1 of 5 Large cars

10. Lexus ES Hybrid 2024

Price Range:  $41,020

CR MPG:  Overall 42 / City 32 / Hwy 52 mpg

#1 of 13 Luxury midsized cars

But What If You Are Thinking About a Full EV over a Hybrid for Greater Fossil Fuel Reduction?

With fuel efficiency in mind as your top priority in a new car, you may also want to take a look at fully electric cars as an option. To help buyers understand the differences between owning a hybrid versus an all-electric vehicle, here is an informative YouTube video posted by Consumer Reports to give smart shoppers the knowledge they need to guide their buying decisions.

Is an Electric or Hybrid Car Right for You?

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