Since being introduced in American, the Fiat brand has proven itself as the top choice for those in search of a sporty, efficient subcompact with the diminutive 500. The addition of the larger 500L attracts new buyers, offering the impressive fuel economy and spirited drive of the 500 but with tons more room.
Dodge performande at Bondurant

TN's Best Performance Car Stories of 2016

Performance cars aren’t the bestselling vehicles in the US, but they are among the most popular in the United States among enthusiasts so today, we bring you the best TorqueNews performance car stories of 2016 – with a look at a variety of different types of performance oriented cars from around the world.
2016 fiat 500 abarth auto

A Review of the Fiat 500 Abarth Automatic: Great Fun with Just Two Pedals

Since the Fiat 500 Abarth was introduced, it has been my favorite car in the subcompact class without any real competition, but with the introduction of the automatic transmission for the Abarth, could the turbocharged 500 be as much fun? Not quite – but it is very close.