BMW is a top German brand with the initials standing for Bavarian Motor Works. This Torque News page covers all BMW models, and the latest news and stories from the Bavarian Automaker. It is located in Munich Germany, and is known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine” which comes from their sporty driving dynamics. BMW is now a top brand in the U.S. market, because of models like the BMW 1600 and 2002 introduced in the late 60s, when their popularity skyrocketed. The high performance 2.0 liter powertrain, defined what a 'sport sedan' is, and created a generation of performance enthusiasts around the globe. BMW evolved over the years into a luxury brand with models like the 320i, 528i, 630 CSI and 733i luxury 4-door sedan.

Now BMW has a wide-range of sedans, sport coupes, crossovers and SUVs. The BMW 3 Series still defines the modern sport sedan, while the '5', '6' and '7'-Series are now recognized as top models in their respective categories. The top-selling vehicles now include the entry-level X1 to top-of-the-range X6 crossover coupe. BMW is also a global leader in the all-electric revolution and now includes the BMW i3 model and i8 performance car in their lineup.

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Did VW use diesel-breathing monkeys in experiment? NYT report says yes

According to a report in the New York Times, Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW funded a study to determine if diesel fumes were carcinogenic. The study was seeking an answer to World Health Organization claims that diesel emissions did cause cancer. The automakers backed away from the report.
Self-Driving Car

This Architecture from BMW, Intel and Mobileye Can Be Used By Other Carmakers for Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have the ability to lower the car accidents and they will never second guess decisions, but are people ready to give up the control of their cars to automated technologies like Tesla's Autopilot?
BMW i3 Accident

Perhaps The Worst BMW i3 Accident, Man Walks Away Unharmed

Now that there are many talks on the internet and auto blogs about the BMW i3 recall because someone women don't wear seat-belts, hear this story. This is perhaps the worst BMW i3 accident I have ever seen and the man walked away unharmed. That tells a lot about the car's safety.
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VW, German brands join to establish Europe-wide fast-charging network for EVs

Four major European brands, including Volkswagen, have joined together to form a new high-speed electric vehicle charging network. Called Ionity, the new network announced plans to have 400 charging stations in place by 2020.
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Flipping Its Script, Volkswagen Plans Bonuses To Get Older Diesels Off Road

Volkswagen is doubling down on an incentive plan to get older diesel models off the road in Europe. Though the automaker has been reluctantly yielding ground to the idea of incentives, last week's German diesel car summit brought agreement from the three major diesel manufacturers in Germany to offer incentives to remove diesel vehicles that meet only Euro 1 to 4 air standards off the road.

Daimler Beats VW, BMW As Key Whistleblower in Europe Car-Cartel Probe

As the Justice Department begins its informal review of the automotive business practices of Germany's Big Five, it seems that the timing of this turn of events may have as much to do with who was first in the mad-dash to number one.