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Porsche Cayenne

Flipping Its Script, Volkswagen Plans Bonuses To Get Older Diesels Off Road

Volkswagen is doubling down on an incentive plan to get older diesel models off the road in Europe. Though the automaker has been reluctantly yielding ground to the idea of incentives, last week's German diesel car summit brought agreement from the three major diesel manufacturers in Germany to offer incentives to remove diesel vehicles that meet only Euro 1 to 4 air standards off the road.
Mercedes E-Class Shifter

Actually Mercedes-Benz E-Class' Shifter Is Awsome

Recently, Consumer Reports released a report that detailed how confusing shifters have gotten on cars with automatic transmissions. It called out more than a dozen manufacturers for using shift levers it claims are difficult to use, even going to far as to stop recommending the Chrysler 300, the Lexus CT200h, and both the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and GLE. But while the report makes several good points, I can’t agree with it entirely. Because Mercedes’ column shifter is actually awesome.