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An Unstoppable Mercedes Overlander Worth Half a Billion Dollars Is the Krug Rhino XL

The Mercedes-Benz truck you're searching for is the 2024 Krug Expedition Project Rhino XL, if you need a place to stay while traveling off the usual route.

Going "off-grid" for most individuals means bringing a camper to the nearest OHV campground in order to escape their office and commute while yet remaining close to society. Do you really want to bring a little bit of civilization with you while leaving everything behind? The vehicle you require is the 2024 Krug Expedition Project Rhino XL. Even if you work from your car, you can choose from three distinct layouts that are built off of a large Mercedes-Benz chassis cab to meet your demands. This new vehicle is part of the brand's latest launches. 

Mercedes Krug Interior

The 2024 Mercedes Benz Atego 1324 A L-cab chassis, which the Krug Expedition Project Rhino XL is based on, provides some impressive turnkey off-grid capability. The Atego is available in two cab configurations with two chassis lengths and available all-wheel drive, making it the ideal foundation for the project.

What's The Engine of The 2024 Krug Expedition Project Rhino XL?

The version that Krug chooses is powered by a 7.7-liter turbodiesel I-6 engine that produces 238 horsepower and 737.6 lb-ft of torque.

The strong diesel engine is maintained by a 260-liter (68.7-gallon) tank, and you can stay out of trouble with the help of three locking differentials - one for each axle and one for the AWD transfer case - and switchable ABS. It has a set of 365/80R20 tires on 20-inch wheels for excellent traction, and it may be equipped with a semi-automated tire inflation system.

The XL 175, XL 200, and XL Business are then made by adding the Project Rhino XL camper box to the chassis. That's correct, the Project Rhino XL is prepared for you if your profession necessitates you to leave the highways and venture into the unknown. However, it is advertised as an adventure-ready car that enables families to travel almost anywhere in comfort—basically, it's a small house on wheels.

Krug Mercedes Exterior

The XL 175 has one fixed double bed and two bunk beds that are 175 cm (5.74 feet) long. In addition, it has a combo bathroom, a 660-ah home battery, a Vitrifrigo Slim 150 refrigerator/freezer combo, and a Miele cooktop with two cooking zones. A 285-liter (75.2-gallon) tank is used to store grey water, and a 545-liter (143.9-gallon) water tank is also there.

The length of all three home boxes is 5,650 mm (18.5 feet), and their width is 2,480 mm (8.13 feet). For greater capacity when not reliant on a generator or camper plug, owners of Project Rhino XL can additionally increase the house battery to 990 ah. Additional choices include a roof rack with an optional LED lightbar.

Starting at $485,000, the 2024 Krug Expedition Project Rhino XL offers powerful overlanding rigs that are currently on sale. Long story short - If you need a vehicle that can take you virtually anywhere and one, that accommodates you and your friends/family, look no further. Mercedes-Benz Krug Expedition Project Rhino XL is your tool of choice. That is of course if you are a billionaire with some free cash to throw on adventures.

Now let's discuss some other aspects related to this truck.

What is the difference between expedition and overlanding trucks?

I asked Torque News editor Armen Hareyan to explain the difference between the expedition and overlanding trucks and here is what he provided. "There's a difference between the trucks themselves and the purposes they serve. Overlanding trucks can be quite varied. They're often modified SUVs or mid-size trucks, prioritizing maneuverability and fuel efficiency for venturing off-road and long distances. They carry camping gear and supplies for self-sufficient travel, but modifications are geared towards comfort and exploration, like rooftop tents or winches," Hareyan said.

Expedition trucks, on the other hand, are built for extreme conditions and self-sufficiency for longer durations. Hareyan said "they're typically heavy-duty trucks with extensive modifications for off-road prowess and durability. They might carry specialized equipment for the expedition's goal, along with robust water storage, advanced navigation systems, and even reinforced living quarters for harsh environments."

Who makes expedition vehicles?

Several manufacturers specialize in expedition vehicles, with some big names including EarthRoamer, Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV), and Bliss Mobil. These companies often build custom rigs on top of powerful truck chassis like Mercedes Unimog or create modular living units that can be mounted on various trucks. They prioritize features for self-sufficiency like solar power, water tanks, and durable living quarters, making them true mobile homes for tackling challenging adventures.

How Much Expedition Trucks Cost?

You probably noticed that expedition trucks are expensive. Expedition trucks can range dramatically in price, anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to well over a half-million. The biggest factors driving this cost are the base truck itself, the level of customization, and the intended purpose of the expedition. Starting with the foundation, heavy-duty trucks like the Mercedes Unimog known for their off-road prowess are inherently expensive. Next, the level of customization can skyrocket the price. Upgrading suspension, adding winches and auxiliary fuel tanks, and building out a comfortable living area with features like solar panels and water purification systems all add up. Finally, the expedition's goal plays a role. A truck built for a scientific expedition in a remote location with specialized equipment for research will cost more than a basic setup for exploring less demanding terrain.

What are expedition trucks used for?

Whether you dream of exploring remote locations or embarking on a scientific mission, expedition trucks offer the ultimate off-road capability and self-sufficiency. They are great for scientific explorations and expeditions, but just be prepared for a significant investment - the freedom of the open road comes at a premium price.

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