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The Most Discounted New Car Deals Right Now

Consumer Reports’ analysts recently found 10 models that right now are selling below their MSRP in this latest exclusive analysis of car deals

If you have been looking for a new SUV, sedan, or compact car since the beginning of this year and you have been holding back waiting for when the time is right, according to a recent Consumer Reports automotive newsletter now is the time to shop for these models if they are among the ones you have been considering.

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New Car Deals Below MSRP

Analysts at CR recently mined car purchasing data to find out what car models’ people are buying today that offer savings below the MSRP ranging from 5 percent to 8 percent off the original price.

According to their newsletter: “For the analysis presented here, we looked back at recent transaction data from TrueCar, a CR partner, to see where people are finding significant savings off the sticker price on 2024 models. We found that there are incentives for many 2024 vehicles and that there are quite a few models (admittedly skewing premium) selling for under the MSRP.”

“For this list we focused on what people paid, and we didn’t limit the selections to models that meet the stringent criteria to be recommended by CR. We identified 10 models that are selling for below their sticker price, with each going for less than $50,000.”

However, the caveat to these deals is that prices can vary not only by vehicle but also by geographic region and availability. CR analysts also point out this sensible bit of advice so as not to get too caught up with any car purchase―including those that they recommend:

“Even though these deals are relatively good, it’s wise to buy when the time is right for you.” 

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The Value of This List to New Car Shoppers

With that in mind, the importance of this listing is that it arms car shoppers with the most recent listings of what sold when and for how much, which adds to your arsenal as you negotiate with a car dealer using your fact-based research. Furthermore, there is the added benefit of the knowledge that the trade-in value of your used car is an even more important bargaining chip this year than it was before the pandemic.


That said, here are the 10 most discounted new car deals you may want to consider today.

1. Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2024 (8% Off)

Price Range:  $45,950 - $87,370

CR MPG: Overall 24 / City 17 / Hwy 32 mpg

#14 of 25 Luxury compact SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD
MSRP: $51,050
Average savings off MSRP: $3,842
Average transaction price: $47,208

2. Subaru Solterra 2024  (7% Off)

Price Range:  $44,995 - $51,995

CR MPGE: Overall 102 / City 111 / Hwy 93 mpge

#5 of 14 Electric SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Subaru Solterra Premium AWD
MSRP: $44,995
Average savings off MSRP: $3,237
Average transaction price: $41,758

3. Volvo XC60 2024 (7% Off)

Price Range:  $46,900 - $75,250

CR MPG: Overall 23 / City 15 / Hwy 32 mpg

#13 of 25 Luxury compact SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Volvo XC60 B5 AWD Core Dark Theme
MSRP: $46,900
Average savings off MSRP: $3,334
Average transaction price: $43,566

4. Buick Enclave 2024 (7% Off)

Price Range:  $43,900 - $59,500

CR MPG: Overall 18 / City 12 / Hwy 26 mpg

#3 of 13 Luxury large SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Buick Enclave Essence AWD
MSRP: $45,900
Average savings off MSRP: $3,057
Average transaction price: $42,843

5. Volkswagen ID4 2024 (7% Off)

Price Range:  $39,735 - $57,055

CR MPGE: Overall 102 / City 108 / Hwy 96 mpge

#7 of 14 Electric SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S RWD
MSRP: $49,995
Average savings off MSRP: $3,329
Average transaction price: $46,666

6. Lexus UX 2024 (6% Off)

Price Range:  $35,540 - $44,370

CR MPG: Overall 37 / City 32 / Hwy 42 mpg

#2 of 12 Luxury entry-level SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Lexus UX 250h F SPORT Design FWD
MSRP: $38,000
Average savings off MSRP: $2,303
Average transaction price: $35,697

7. Alfa Romeo Giulia 2024 (6% Off)

Price Range:  $41,690 - $81,370

CR MPG: Overall 27 / City 18 / Hwy 39 mpg

#12 of 15 Luxury compact cars

Selected Model: 2024 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti AWD
MSRP: $46,190
Average savings off MSRP: $2,778
Average transaction price: $43,412

8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2024 (6% Off)

Price Range:  $46,950 - $60,700

CR MPG: Overall 29 / City 18 / Hwy 43 mpg

#13 of 15 Luxury compact cars

Selected Model: 2024 Mercedes-Benz C 300 Sedan
MSRP: $46,950
Average savings off MSRP: $2,686
Average transaction price: $44,264

9. Volvo XC40 2024 (6% Off)

Price Range:  $40,500 - $60,550

CR MPG: Overall 24 / City 16 / Hwy 33 mpg

#7 of 12 Luxury entry-level SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Volvo XC40 B5 AWD Core Bright Theme
MSRP: $40,500
Average savings off MSRP: $2,250
Average transaction price: $38,250

10. Mercedes-Benz GLC 2024 (5% Off)

Price Range:  $47,450 - $57,000

CR MPG: Overall 26 / City 17 / Hwy 37 mpg

#19 of 25 Luxury compact SUVs

Selected Model: 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 SUV
MSRP: $47,450
Average savings off MSRP: $2,595
Average transaction price: $44,855

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