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The Most Beautiful New Car You Can't Buy - 2025 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Alfa Romeo has posted a few messages telling fans to stop inquiring because all of the new vehicles are spoken for.

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Alfa Romeo announced on August 30th that it was building a new version of one of its most beautiful cars of all time. The version built in the 1960’s was called the Tipo 33. The new car is called the 33 Stradale. Insiders estimated that the 2025 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale would cost nearly a million dollars. It is a limited edition of only 33 vehicles. Buyers could choose if they wanted a gas-powered vehicle or an EV.

On X, formerly Twitter, Alfa Romeo yesterday sent out this message:

“With its harmonious proportions and the use of lightweight materials, the #33Stradale combines elegance and power to redefine the meaning of visceral passion. #AlfaRomeo33Stradale #AlfaRomeo


Vehicles have been sold and orders cannot be placed.”


On September 20th Alfa Romeo posted on X:

“When a “Bottega” of craftsmen meets the dreams of a group of adrenaline seekers, the result can only be extraordinary. 33 unique masterpieces, perfectly tailored to the desires of each driver: welcome the #AlfaRomeo33Stradale.


Vehicles have been sold and orders can't be placed.”

It turns out that all 33 2025 Alfa Romeo Stradales were spoken for when the vehicle was announced. However, there is hope that Alfa Romeo will be more. See the quote from the Alfa Romeo CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato.

“With the new 33 Stradale, we wanted to create something that lived up to our past, to serve the brand and to make the Alfisti fandom proud. Such a result could only have been achieved thanks to the expertise, hard work and passion of our team, with the support of management who have the clear ambition to contribute to writing chapters in the brand's future, in full respect of its unique history,” said Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of the Alfa Romeo brand. “This is the brand's first fuoriserie (custom-built) car since 1969, and I promise it won't be the last.”



2025 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Available in Two Powerful Options:

Buyers can choose a V-6 twin-turbo engine delivering more than 620 horsepower, eight-speed gearbox, rear-wheel-drive and electronic limited-slip differential. The 33 Stradale will also be available in a BEV configuration that delivers more than 750 horsepower with an estimated range of 270 miles. It will have a top speed of 206 mph.

Two trim levels are available: Tributo and Alfa Corse.

The 33 Stradale will have an unprecedented level of customization: to guarantee the uniqueness of each car, the brand has created the “Bottega,” a team of Alfa Romeo professionals who work closely with customers from the onset, to jointly create each car, unique in every detail, including personally signing the chassis number.

The dedicated production program enables customers to develop functional stylistic elements together with the Alfa Romeo team. Different air intakes, wheels and even the front windshield can be customized. Therefore, no two cars will be the same. Each is a masterpiece on four wheels, becoming part of Alfa Romeo history. The exclusivity continues in the registration process, which enables customers to personally assign the chassis number. The specific VIN includes eight digits chosen by the customer.

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