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Mercedes-Benz’s Latest Models Coming By 2025: This Stuff Is Hot

Year 2023 was quite prolific for Mercedes. The company introduced the all-new E-class, the latest CLE Coupe and a variety of facelifts. The Germans are not planning on taking it easy for the years to come, so here is a list of what you can expect.

These are the days, when the production version of the all-electric Mercedes G-Class, comes to life. Remember, that Mercedes-Benz decided to send the G-Class to the United States in 2016. A bunch of other thrilling models are coming as well. After a couple of years, since the all-electric EQG concept was introduced, this EV off-roader makes his entry.

The new electric G-wagon is expected be another exciting vehicle from Benz

It’s already been showing its new ‘tank turn’ technology at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, and it appears to have all the same styling cues as its petrol-powered brother. The electric G-Wagon concept ran with four electric motors and a two-speed gearbox, to make it a strong off-roader, together with the ability to slingshot around like an arrow. This setup is suggested to be transferred to the actual production car.

Next, we have the launch of the Mercedes AMG SL 63 S E-Performance. After the release of the Mercedes SL, the people from Stuttgart and their performance team, utilized the same plug-in hybrid system under the hood, as you will find in the AMG GT 4-Door.

The electric SL is a beast


This gives the futuristic coupe a power output of the mind-blowing 816 hp and the vast 1,420 Nm of torque. That is 230 hp. More than the standard AMG SL 63 S and 313 hp more than the Porsche 992 GT3. The result of this is 0-60 in less time than it takes some people to say the car’s full name, 2.9 seconds, and it’ll go on to a top speed of 197mph. All this madness comes in the stylish shell of the SL, that we are used to.

We continue with the all-new Mercedes-AMG GT. It’s the second generation of the brand’s two-door sports coupe, and it’s still running with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, unlike the new C63 S saloon with its four-pot motor. The full-fat 63 version of this car has a power of 585hp, over 100hp more than the outgoing car, and it’ll do 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds. This is also the first two-door V8 AMG car to get all-wheel drive.

AMG GT can be ordered now

The new AMG GT could be ordered now if you have 193,000 euros ready to go towards this four-wheel thrilling masterpiece. Add 10,760 euros more if you want it with the Performance Pack, which includes a fixed rear wing, 21-inch forged alloy wheels, and carbon ceramic brakes.

In 2025 for Mercedes, the focus is going to be on electric cars. The rumor has it, that a couple of new EVs would be coming next year. The latest Mercedes Concept CLA was revealed at the end of 2023. It was made clear, that the car won’t go on sale exactly in this form. However, it will give a solid foundation for the production car, that should be launched in 2025. The sale version was spotted testing, and the look of it, resembles the concept a lot.

The future CLA


Its insidious shape, reminds me a lot of the current Mercedes CLA, although this one is a pure electric car. It is planned to be the first vehicle to use a new collection of parts, familiar as the MMA platform, which will provide it with 466 miles of range or 750 km, which is quite decent.

Taking a quick look at the interior of the Concept CLA, you can’t help to notice lots of smart new tech, which will make its way into other new Mercedes models in the future. The huge display across the dashboard resembles the Super screen system, you get in the E-Class. All of it is made of recycled materials, of course.

Last but not least we stop at Mercedes EQC, which has been around for a few years already. It has a new version and we spotted it, during the developing and testing process. It looks like it has a silhouette that is similar to the Mercedes EQE SUV, with a slick and smooth appearance.

For the time being there is no information on batteries or motors, although it is not expected to use the same setup as the EQE. It is more likely to share the same MMA platform, as the new Concept CLA, which would secure 400+ miles of range.

It is possible to have a similar interior technology in that car when it gets released in 2025. Price predictions are for a bit over 90,000 euros.

Boris Georgiev has been a journalist for over a decade now, but for the last few years, he decided on cars and motorsport. He has been attending different events and car shows, expanding his knowledge and automotive expertise. Having driven various Mercedes-Benz models throughout his life, he naturally finds himself attracted to the brand. Boris is now a true Benz expert and reports the latest stories about the company. Please follow him on X for more Mercedes-Benz tweets.