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The Latest Mercedes-AMG GT43 Coupe Comes To Life

No more V8 engine for this performance vehicle, as Mercedes-Benz AMG decided to go for 4 cylinders in the latest AMG GT43 Coupe.

Mercedes-AMG is placing the same 2.0-liter engine into the coupe version of the SL roadster, which received a four-cylinder engine in 2022. In contrast to the more powerful V-8 model, the new GT43 is the entry-level model. It also switches to a rear-wheel-drive setup instead of an all-wheel drive.

The engine in the latest AMG GT43 is the same as in CLA AMG

The new AMG GT Coupe, a more comfortable 2+2 gran tourer than the previous dedicated two-seater sports vehicle, is based on the SL43's electric exhaust gas turbocharger, which is taken from Formula 1. But because the new coupe's four-pot engine can produce 416 horsepower, or 41 horsepower more than the convertible, it has more power.

Moreover, its torque is 369 lb-ft, which is 15 lb-ft more than the SL43's. AMG designed the redesigned GT with a mild hybrid system that temporarily increases power by 14 horsepower. An automated transmission with dual clutches and nine speeds transfers output to the back axle.

Even with its increased power, the SL43 still has a lot less speed than the V-8. The coupe can reach sixty-two miles per hour in 4.6 seconds, which is comparable to the Volkswagen Golf R. It has a top speed of 174 mph, which is marginally faster than the hot hatchback. 

Although Mercedes-AMG doesn't state it, the curb weight must be significantly reduced given the removal of four cylinders and the AWD configuration. Despite this, the second-generation vehicle has become much bulkier than the first, having switched to a larger and more useful GT car. To put this into perspective, the brand-new, all-wheel-drive, V8-powered GT63 weighs an incredible 4,343 pounds.

The interior of the GT43 takes you breath away

This particular GT43 is the European variant, and Mercedes-AMG plans to offer both an optional 2+2 configuration and the base model, which has a two-seat layout as standard.

Additionally, all-wheel steering will be more expensive. When installed, the rear wheels will steer in the same direction at higher speeds and in the opposite direction at speeds of up to 62 mph from the front wheels. The safety here is also on point as the vehicle has been thoroughly tested as per Benz standards. 

After contacting Mercedes, we found out that the vehicle will also be available in the US as a 2025MY, where the four-seat configuration will be standard. Pricing details will be revealed later, but common sense indicates that it will be far less than the $136,050 GT55 coupe that is available in the US. For comparison's sake, the SL43 convertible costs about $31,000 less than the SL55.

The car looks gorgeous

The 2.0-liter engine taken from the little "45" cars is not exclusive to the GT43 and SL43; other high-end models also use it. Inside the most recent C63 and GLC63, AMG uses the tiny unit.

The world's most potent four-cylinder series production engine, internally dubbed M139l, is positioned longitudinally in these more expensive automobiles instead of transversally like in the CLA45, GLA45, etc. This engine is available in a transverse variant for the standard Lotus Emira. The new model is supposed to be equipped with the MBUX SOUND system as well.

In conclusion, my opinion is that this is not the best decision for Mercedes. To put a 4-cylinder engine in a premium-class car is everything else, but not so great. I mean the engine itself is not bad at all. I am sure it drives fine and all, it is just not fit for a big, muscular GT car, such as the GT43.

After all, you can find the same engine in CLA 45 AMG S, which accelerates from 0-60 in 4 sec., compared to the 4.6 seconds for the GT43. It is just not right for a car that is supposed to be rival to Porsche and Ferrari.

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