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Here Are 5 Good Reasons To Get Your Hands on The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG

The iconic Mercedes G-Class goes electric! Discover the 2025 EQG – retro style, cutting-edge EV tech, tank turns, and serious off-road chops.

After months of teasing concepts, the hype train has left the station. Brace yourselves, because the 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG is finally hitting the scene, and, let's just say, it might be worth ditching your old-school G-Wagon for. And before the purists and admirers of the gas-powered G-Wagon come at me, the reasons to like it has mostly to do with its old-school charm.

This ain't some half-baked EV conversion, Mercedes has gone all out, blending the iconic boxy looks we all love with some serious electric firepower and off-road chops.

Think of it like a classic rock star gone green after the band split up: It's still got that rebellious spirit but now runs on electrons instead of 93 octane. So, what makes the EQG so special? Let's take a look.

Reason 1: Retro Looks, Future Tech

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG - Official Press Release Footage

At first sight, the EQG might appear to be similar to its gas-guzzling predecessor which ticks all the right boxes, especially considering what the current G-Wagon's clientele desires, something that Other luxury off-roaders like the Rivian R1S and the Tesla Model X fail to deliver. However, what makes this vehicle remarkable is the way Mercedes has managed to blend the timeless G-Wagon design with advanced electric vehicle technology. You can spot subtle yet striking features like the futuristic light-up grille that has been well integrated into the familiar facia and sleek wheels that distinguish it from the regular G-Class. Whether you appreciate its style or not, it's hard to deny that the EQG is a showstopper. Furthermore, there's no denying the cool factor of arriving at your destination silently but unmistakably in a G-Class.

Reason 2: Electric Power... With a Surprise

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG - Official Press Release Footage

Get ready to ditch the gas station blues. The Mercedes EQG packs a serious punch with its quad-motor setup, churning out a whopping 579 horsepower and 859 lb-ft of instant electric torque. Translation? This thing's expected to hit 60mph in a hair over 4 seconds. Yes, in a giant luxury brick.

Worried about range anxiety? Mercedes claims 460km might be possible, thanks to that hefty 116-kWh battery pack. It's not a Tesla-rivaling range, but it's enough for most commutes and probably more than those old, thirsty G-Wagons ever managed. Plus, as charging tech gets better, those numbers will only improve.

Reason 3: This Thing Was Built for Adventure

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG - Official Press Release Footage

Don't let those fancy screens and plush leather seats fool you – the EQG is no mall crawler. Mercedes went the extra mile, ditching the old body-on-frame setup for an EV-specific platform that's tough as nails. We're talking proper metal skid plates, a ladder frame chassis, and a whopping 9.8 inches of ground clearance. This thing can tackle muddy trails just as happily as it cruises down Rodeo Drive.

And here's the fun part: That quad-motor setup isn't just about blistering speed. Each wheel gets its motor, controlled by a seriously clever system that acts like multiple locking differentials. Translation? Crazy off-road traction and agility no gas-powered G could dream of.

Reason 4: The Infamous Tank Turn

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG - Official Press Release Footage

Speaking of agility, the EQG has a party trick that'll make your jaw drop: the tank turn! Thanks to those individually controlled motors, which can essentially simulate different kinds of locking differential this behemoth can spin in place within its footprint. Although intended as an off-road feature, something tells me that real-life customers will use it for other purposes. But in addition to making reels with captions like #G-Wagon #TankTurn, imagine parallel parking in a tight city spot or pulling a wicked U-turn to escape the paparazzi, the possibilities are as ridiculous as they are awesome.

Reason 5: Luxury, Amplified

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG - Official Press Release Footage

Strip away the wild tech, and you still have a Mercedes at heart. The Mercedes EQG's interior drips with high-quality materials, cutting-edge tech, and all those creature comforts you'd expect from an S-Class SUV. But here's where it gets even better – that electric drivetrain makes for a whisper-quiet, impossibly smooth ride. Your morning commute just became a whole lot more relaxing.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: the price. The EQG ain't gonna be cheap, starting around an estimated $150,000 mark. That's serious dough, but if you compare it to other gas-guzzling, luxury off-roaders with similar performance figures, it starts to look more competitive.

Worth the hype and worth the buy?

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG - Official Press Release Footage

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQG is a stunning vehicle that makes a bold statement. This SUV is a symbol of the fact that even the most iconic cars, such as the G-Class, are embracing the electric future. The EQG is a perfect blend of retro charm and futuristic technology, which gives it a unique and irresistible appeal. It has an impressive off-road prowess, which makes it an ideal SUV for those who love adventure.

Additionally, the EQG boasts of luxurious features that guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Although the EQG comes with a price tag, its unmatched combination of style, technology, and performance makes it an SUV that you won't forget in a hurry.

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