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Prius Camping Essentials: Top 2 Must-Have Items for Your Adventure

Transform your Prius into the ultimate mobile campsite with these two indispensable camping essentials.

Prius camping was never on my list as an outdoor and car enthusiast. When I first started considering the idea of Prius camping, it struck me that "doing it right" could be done for a lot less, and I can camp comfortably with a few creature comforts of home. 

I was given the opportunity to test out two great products that are now a staple in my camping gear lineup. They both are great value for the money and make camping a little more relaxing rather than stressing about what it would be like to be on the show Naked and Afraid. 

Let's dive into why the BougeRV 12v portable fridge and the PowerCache™ 1000 Power Bank from Monoprice are the ultimate gear for Prius campers who prize efficiency and compact luxury.

Chill and Refresh with the BougeRV Portable Fridge

First on our list is the BougeRV 23 Quart portable fridge, a game-changer for campers who've dreamed of a compact, efficient way to keep their snacks and beverages chilled to perfection. With its sleek design and rapid compressor refrigeration technology, this mint green marvel (the one I tested) can cool your goods within 16 minutes, reaching temperatures as low as -8 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Bouge RV cooler mini fridge

Whether you're road-tripping, camping, or embarking on any adventure, the importance of a reliable portable fridge cannot be overstated. This little fridge is currently a steal of a deal at $219 on the BougeRV site. 

Why It's a Must-Have: 

Space is at a premium for Prius campers, and the BougeRV fridge's compact size belies its impressive capacity and efficiency. The refrigerator not only offers a pop of color with its vibrant palette but also comes equipped with interior LED lighting, spots for tie-down straps (not included) for secure transport, an easy-to-use display, and it can stay cool for about 6 hours without running. 

BougeRV food temp checklist

This standalone time came in handy while on a half-day hike. I had the fridge stay in my Prius while we were out enjoying nature. Several hours later, returning to the car, we had fresh food and chilled beverages ready for hungry hikers. Being gone all day was fine, too. We did have a backup power bank (more to come shortly) that would allow the fridge to run all night if necessary. 

This little cooler is an indispensable tool for keeping your food fresh and beverages cold without needing a constant power supply while fitting snugly in the limited space of a Toyota Prius. 

Bouge RV cooler mini fridge spacious

BougeRV has a plethora of amazing-sized fridges suitable for all types of camping, beach days, or just regular family road trips. My favorite thing is it uses ZERO ice, ensuring nothing gets soggy or accidentally gets too warm. The colors are also available in pink, purple, white, grey, and black. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the little fridge in my test. Even better, BougeRV is not some cheap, fly-by-night company. You can purchase their products at major retailers like Wal-Mart or Amazon. With fantastic support for an excellent product, you can rest assured that you have a "cool" companion for whatever adventures you may go on. 

If you want to be "boujee" on your next trip or adventure, the BougeRV mini fridge is a solid win in our book. 

Power On with PowerCache™ 1000 Power Bank

The PowerCache™ 1000 Power Bank emerges as the second must-have item when transitioning from cooling to powering. Priced at an accessible $799, it provides incredible value for its capacity and features. This compact powerhouse can deliver 1075 Wh and 1000W of power, making it ideal for charging everything from smartphones to full-sized refrigerators (though we needed it to power a smaller one). 

The Ultimate Companion: 

The Powercache 1000 has excellent versatility with various port options and the ability to charge via an AC outlet, solar panel, or carport, ensuring that you remain powered up no matter where your adventures take you.  

The PowerCache™ 1000 is particularly suitable for Prius campers due to its tiny footprint, silent operation, and clean power output. This means you can easily fit it into your camping setup without sacrificing space or peace, providing a reliable power source for all your gadgets and appliances.

Power cache fridge running power consumption for BougeRV

We loved using the power bank during our multi-day camping adventure in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We could charge the unit while driving, use that stored power during the night for running lights and small kettles for tea, and keep our BougeRV mini fridge powered on through the night.  

As stated before, the power bank has a fantastic 1075Wh of power. The easy-to-read display lets you know how much energy you are consuming and what is left "in the tank," so you are never left guessing when to charge. 


Combining the BougeRV portable fridge and the PowerCache™ 1000 Power Bank offers a seamless camping experience for the eco-conscious and space-saving adventurer. You can get even more in-depth by adding a solar panel to keep living "off the grid."

These items elevate your Prius camping setup and ensure you stay refreshed and connected without compromising comfort or convenience. As you embark on your next journey into the wilderness, these two essentials will enhance your adventure, proving that great things come in compact packages.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Together, let's continue exploring, discovering, and unlocking new horizons. You can stay tuned for more captivating content to fuel your curiosity and inspire your imagination.

We appreciate your readership and look forward to you joining us on our next adventure. Until then, keep dreaming, reading, and coming back for more!

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