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Bentley Bentayga World’s Fastest SUV Still Has Way To Go

Despite the fact that the Bentley Bentayga hasn't achieved its corportate goals yet, the luxury SUV still holds the mark as the world's fastest SUV, edging out the Lamborghini Urus by a bit.
Posted: February 18, 2019 - 10:30AM
Author: Marc Stern

Here’s another one that we can put into the “miss is as good as a mile category.” Bentley’s Bentayga seems to be having teething problems, even though it hasn’t been officially “born” yet. One goal of this particular Bentley SUV was cracking the 200 mph-barrier, which it hasn’t done, yet. (Honestly, it may, but it may not, either.) Getting a 6,000-pound three-row SUV past 200 mph is quite a chore, even with its W12, turbocharged engine.

Close But Not Quite A Winner, Yet

Of course, Bentley likely expects the Bentayga Speed get close to its job – being one of, if not the, fastest vehicle in its class. However, the automaker also knows that even with its engine cranking out gobs of power, it takes a ton of torque to get the vehicle to speed and then over the 200-mph barrier. The Bentley Bentayga Is World's Fastest SUV

It seems as if the automaker is of two minds about the Bentayga Speed (the model tasked with the 200-mph business). On the one hand, the automaker hopes and believes the Bentayga Speed will do the job, at some point. On the other, it is possible that even with all the support, a 626 horsepower mill, and 664 pounds-feet of torque, the very large Bentayga isn’t up to the task right now. Instead, the luxury SUV maker – and Volkswagen subsidiary – may be quietly backing off its quest and settling for whatever it can get over 190-mph. Bentley’s corporate sibling, Lamborghini, has also attempted the 200-mph run and has come up a bit short, as well, at 189.5-mph in the Urus.

Bentley already has three other vehicles that are capable of huge runs. For example, the automaker’s Mulsanne Speed easily matches the Bentayga at 190-mph. On the other hand, the Flying Spur W12 S reaches 202 mph while the Continental GT hits 207 mph. Note that they are all pretty standard luxo-sedans, not three-row SUVs. The difference between them all is about 1,000 pounds, apiece. Bentley does claim that the Bentayga holds one mark, the 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. Bentley Has At Least Two 200-mph-plus Vehicles

Looking at the Bentayga, the vehicle has rather generous ground clearance. It’s one super-scale SUV that you can take offroad and survive quite nicely. Usually, you can’t do that with your average $200,000 SUV. Bentayga’s ground clearance is one factor. The suspension and anti-roll bars become firmer offroad. Combining all of these features with the remapped Sports mode – more aggressive throttle and transmission response – you have a competent offroad package.
Carbon-Ceramic Rotors Used In Front Brakes

A set of carbon-ceramic rotors, shared with the Urus, brings the Bentayga to a halt. At 17.3 inches, they are claimed to be the biggest rotors in a production car. They are an optional feature but fit nicely in the Bentayga Speed’s 22-inch wheels. Rounding out its look, the designers used dark-tinted headlights, grille, and a rear spoiler.

To complete its look, the Bentayga uses quilted seats as part of the lavish surroundings. Bentley also used a mix of leather, faux suede, and carbon fiber instead of matched wood. Designers also used contrasting leather in the door trim, seat edges, and center stack.

The official intro of the Bentayta Speed will be in Geneva next month.

Source: Car And Driver