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Hybrid and High-Riding Charriots of The Rich: Comparing the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid and Lamborghini Urus SE

Hybrid and High-Riding Chariots of The Rich: Comparing the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid and Lamborghini Urus SE.

The Heavyweight Hybrids - Two PHEV SUVs from VAG's stable 

The automotive industry has seen a rise in ultra-luxurious hybrid SUVs, and two prime examples of this trend are the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid and the Lamborghini Urus SE. Although these two vehicles share roots within the Volkswagen Auto Group and even some underlying technology, their approaches to hybrid technology couldn't be more different.

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, with a starting price of $200,025, aims to blend traditional opulence with environmental consciousness. This model offers better fuel economy and a respectable electric-only range of up to 25 miles. On the other hand, the Lamborghini Urus SE, priced at $241,843, uses a similar hybrid drivetrain as the brand's new Revulto supercar, but instead of a V12, it uses a twin-turbo V8 hybrid setup, delivering a raw, powerful driving experience.

Bentley Bentayga PHEV - Bentley Official Press Image

While their gasoline-powered versions often showcase brashness and excess, these hybrid iterations make more sense within their typical urban, stop-and-go habitat. Low-speed cruising is now possible in near-silence and with less guilt about CO2 emissions. But what sets these two luxury leviathans apart, and do they retain the core appeal of their respective brands? Let's dive in and explore the finer details.

Key Stats:

  • Bentley Bentayga Hybrid: 3.0L turbo V6 + electric motor, 462 hp, 700 lb-ft torque, 25-mile EV range, 2,648 kg weight.
  • Lamborghini Urus SE: Twin-turbo V8 + electric motor, 790 hp, EV mode available, less focus on ultimate fuel economy.


  • Price: Both SUVs start well over $200,000.
  • Hybrid Tech: Feature plug-in hybrid systems for improved efficiency (relative to their non-hybrid counterparts) and EV-only capability.
  • Luxury: Offer opulent interiors, prestigious badges, and unmatched road presence.


  • Focus: Bentley prioritizes comfort and refinement, while Lamborghini emphasizes performance and audacious styling.
  • Engine: Bentley's smaller V6 prioritizes efficiency, and Lamborghini's V8 delivers maximum power.
  • Driving Feel: Bentley is smooth and serene, while Lamborghini is more aggressive and loud.

Bentley Bentayga PHEV - Bentley Official Press ImageThe Refined Brit: Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Think of the Bentayga Hybrid as the sensible choice (if "sensible" applies when talking about a hybrid SUV weighing well over 2.5 tonnes). Under the hood, you'll find a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 aided by an electric motor. Not the Bentley V8 rumble you might expect, but it delivers a respectable 462 horsepower and more importantly, 700 lb-ft of torque. That's enough to haul all your designer luggage without breaking a sweat.

The Bentayga's hybrid trickery also means you can cruise in near-silent EV mode for up to 25 miles – perfect for sneaking into that gated community without waking the neighbors. Bentley claims super-low emissions, but you might want to avoid telling your eco-warrior friends exactly how much their beloved Bentayga actually weighs...

2025 Lamborghini Urus SE - Lamborghini official press release imageThe Raging Bull Goes Green-ish: Lamborghini Urus SE

Lamborghini going hybrid is like seeing your favorite steakhouse add a tofu burger to the menu – something's not quite right. But we all knew it was coming and well here we are. At least the Urus SE keeps the beloved twin-turbo V8 and adds an electric motor for good measure. The result? A monstrous 790 horsepower, making it the most powerful Urus to date. Of course, that hybrid tech also adds more weight to an SUV that was already no lightweight. But in Lambo-land, raw power trumps fuel economy every time – and let's face it, fuel economy was probably not your top priority if you're considering a bright yellow Italian SUV.

The Daily Grind

So, those are the basics. But how do these electrified behemoths actually translate in the real world, where Ferraris are rare, but traffic jams are constant? The truth is, that's where both these SUVs will spend most of their lives, not setting lap records on legendary race tracks.

The Bentley, bless its quilted-leather heart, excels at cosseting. Its hybrid system adds an extra layer of smoothness to the already whisper-quiet driving experience. Potholes disappear, speed bumps are mere suggestions, and the world outside melts into a blur of buttery leather and hand-stitched goodness. The instant torque of the electric motor is perfect for hustling away from lights in serene silence.

The Lamborghini, meanwhile, struggles to hide its wild side even at low speeds. It burbles, crackles, and generally makes a scene just idling at a traffic light. You can still cruise in EV mode, but the urge to unleash that raucous V8 with even a slight prod of the throttle is ever-present. The Urus SE is like that friend who tries to be all zen but clearly has a whole lot of chaotic energy just waiting to explode.

2025 Lamborghini Urus SE - Lamborghini official press release imageEfficiency – Does It Matter?

Let's be brutally honest: Fuel economy is probably not your main concern when buying one of these SUVs. But hey, that electric assist does help, a little. The Bentley, with its smaller engine and greater focus on electric range, will likely save you a decent amount at the pump compared to a standard V8 Bentayga. The Lamborghini, well, let's just say you won't be bragging about its MPG figures.

But the real benefit of that hybrid tech is how it impacts low-speed driving. Both SUVs can seamlessly switch between the engine and electric power, masking the hefty weight that you constantly feel thanks to the seamless low-end torque of the electric motors.

Bentley Bentayga PHEV - Bentley Official Press ImageThen What Takes The Title Of - Most Over-The-Top Plug-In Hybrid SUV?

So, which hybrid SUV reigns supreme? Honestly, it depends on what kind of luxury you're after.

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is for those who want their excess served with a side of discretion. It whispers where others shout, cossets you in a cocoon of hand-crafted comfort, and offers a nod toward environmental consciousness without compromising the core Bentley experience. 

The Lamborghini Urus SE, on the other hand, is the quintessential Lambo with a clear focus on performance but it's safe to say it's also the most luxurious modern Lambo you can get your hands on. And now it can go about pottering around town in electric mode, but it's still plenty Italian and so is the soundtrack in Strada mode. The hybrid tech feels more like an afterthought, a way to appease emissions standards while still delivering the unhinged Lamborghini experience. Think of it as a leather jacket paired with designer sweatpants – comfortable excess with a dash of wild flair.

2025 Lamborghini Urus SE - Lamborghini official press release image

So when it comes to choosing between the 2024 Bentley Benteyga Hybrid and the 2024 Lamborghini Urus SE, it ultimately depends on your personality. If you prefer luxury with unmatched attention to detail and just the last word in quality, then the Bentley is the way to go.

However, if you're looking for something that's not quite as luxurious but is much happier stretching its legs on an open stretch of road and offers segment-leading chassis dynamics and an unmistakably Italian styling then look no further than the Urus SE.

Regardless of which one you choose, both will be happier, smoother, and a smidge greener than their ICE counterparts thanks to that electric motor, but if these don't cut at then you might want to check out the more sensible Cayenne Hybrid or an all-electric and equally ridiculous Tesla Model X.

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