Bentley Bentayga Towing A Trailer

Soon, You'll Be Able To Tow With A Bentley Bentayga

For the past 97 years, there has been one feature absent from Bentley's option list: A tow bar.

But this week during Monterey Auto Week festivities, the British automaker will be introducing a tow bar for the Bentayga SUV. To demonstrate the tow bar, Bentley will be hauling a Bowlus Road Chief trailer around Laguna Seca raceway. This will be followed by a Bentayga with Bowlus Road Chief – Limited Edition Lithium+ trailer at the Quail gathering and Bentley's Pebble Beach party later in the week.

If you're wondering how much a Bentayga can tow, you're not the only one. Bentley hasn't released tow ratings for the Bentayga at the moment.

Is Bentley planning to show anything else during Monterey Auto Week?

Bentley will be showing off the Continental GT Speed Black Edition which is the most powerful production vehicle ever built the British automaker with 633 horsepower. The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase and Flying Spur V8 will be making their North American debut as well.

“The Monterey Auto Week always sees a remarkable gathering of Bentley customers and enthusiasts, and is a great occasion to celebrate the past and present of this iconic brand. We are fast approaching our centenary in 2019, and our newest vehicles on display at Pebble Beach this year point to an extraordinary future,” said Michael Winkler, President and CEO of Bentley Motors, Inc.

Pic Credit: Bentley

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