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What Are People On Reddit Saying About The 2025 Toyota 4Runner

The new Toyota 4Runner was highly-anticipated, but opinions are quite mixed.

The sixth-generation Toyota 4Runner is finally here to replace the aging fourth-generation of Toyota's rugged off-roader, which has been in production for 15 years (2009-2024).

The new 4Runner SUV from Toyota brought many technical innovations, sorely needed (or not, depending on who you ask), to make it more competitive in the segment. At the same time, Toyota made sure the modern iteration of the SUV harkens back to early 4Runner models. Great job there, Toyota. 

On paper, the 2025 Toyota 4Runner seems to be almost all we could want from a modern-day, rugged off-road vehicle, but Toyota 4Runner opinions on Reddit vary quite a bit.

I am chalking this down to the previous generation, which accumulated quite a loyal following over the years. Here's what people have to say about the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. 

4Runner has worse headroom and visibility than the Land Cruiser 

2025 Toyota 4Runenr different trims

A Reddit threat started by user DodgerBlueRobert1 talked about soem of the disadvantages of Toyota's new SUV. The Toyota 4Runner features a noticeably sleeker roofline compared to the boxy J250 Land Cruiser.

The 4Runner, J250 Land Cruiser, and Lexus GX share the same general architecture, but the 4Runner is 1.7 inches longer than the Land Cruiser. However, the 4Runner's height is 5.3 inches shorter. The Land Cruiser's boxy design and the 2025 4Runner is also ¾ of an inch lower than the outgoing 4Runner.

It looks like the 4Runner's biggest rivals will be other Toyota SUV models, including some from Lexus 

On another Reddit thread, hawkrover says: “It's alright, I think I'd rather have the new Landcruiser or GX though”.

All three share the same platform, offer third-row seats, are body-on-frame, and offer full-time 4WD. Given the more functional design of the J250 twins, it seems those two will be preferable over the new 4Runner.  

The turbo-four and hybrid powertrains are not universally loved 

2024 Lexus GX engine

The 4Runner has always had a V-6 of some sort. The fourth-generation 4Runner even had a V-8, which was never offered again. For the first time, it doesn't and there lies the problem.

On another Reddit thread, user movingcenter “Not okay with the powertrain. Not too crazy about those turbos and electrification”, which was followed by a reply from nayls142 saying “The government picked gas mileage for you. You can no longer pick durability instead”. 

Some people still prefer the basic nature of the old Toyota 4Runner to the new one 

StevenMcStevenson on Reddit said: “I don’t necessarily hate the look of the new 4Runner and Tacoma, but I think the outgoing models were much better looking. And at least they came with 6 cylinders, I hate the new practice of putting a turbo-4 in absolutely every vehicle”. 

Based on the 2025 Toyota 4Runner's mixed reception and what we are seeing on Reddit, it seems the previous generations are going to go up in popularity even more, and people looking at the new one are also eyeing the older 4Runner models, as a long-term vehicle. 

Found on a Reddit thread Old or New

Jeepncj7 says: “If no rust issues and in good shape absolutely. Drivetrain wise the 4runner hasn't really changed since 2009. Difference is mostly cosmetic, infotainment, and lockers/suspension options. Also remember, the 4th gen had the V8 which was never offered again”. 

vermont4runner says: “3rd gen is the best compromise. Capable, handsome, comfortable, reliable. 

But I’m biased and recommend you go all in on a 1st gen. Nothing like taking the roof and doors off in something way more reliable than a Jeep. 

The single biggest thing is rust. Applies universally to every 4Runner”. 

What does all this tell us about the 2025 Toyota 4Runner?

It seems an iconic name and neo-retro design isn't always enough, even if the package is solid. Toyota is currently offering SUV models that offer better functionality at what is expected to be a similar price to the 2025 4Runner. Some of them also pack more than four cylinders.

While the 2025 Toyota 4Runner is loved by many, the mixed reception highlights a few major issues, most of which plague the automotive industry in general. Many people who buy Toyota's rugged off-road models, keep them for a long time, which means reliability is key. In fact, the 2025 Toyota 4Runner has some really good four features that I discussed in my previous article.

Longevity is a major concern with the newer more complex drivetrains, especially hybrids, but time will tell if Toyota's new turbo-four and hybrid SUV models will deliver on that front.  

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Nick Preslar (not verified)    April 11, 2024 - 8:58PM

I like the 2025 Toyota 4Runner. However they could have made the a pillar more boxy and I’m not a fan of the taillight shape.