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Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator Review - Small, but Capable

If you are looking for an ultra-compact portable tire pump for your car, this one from Synchwire may be the best you can find.

Portable tire inflators can be very handy. We use them to top up the tires of our weekly media test vehicle before testing starts. Everyone can use a pump of this type in fall or early winter when lower temperatures result in lower tire pressures. Most of all, they are a safety tool. Pumps like this can help you re-inflate a punctured tire and get to a safe place for swapping it to your spare or to a tire service location. We keep a portable tire inflator in every media vehicle we test as well as all of our personal vehicles. These pumps also work great for bicycles.

Synchwire pump

Portable tire inflators come in many shapes and sizes, and can be powered with batteries or your car’s 12-volt socket. The Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator is one of the smallest we have seen, yet it works just as well as the larger units we’ve tried.

Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator - Price
The Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator is sold on Amazon for $66.49, which is lowered to just $56.49 if you use the current coupon listed under the price. That puts it about mid-pack for price.

Synchwire tire pumpSyncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator - Size
We can’t believe how small this unit is. It’s about the size of a pair of stacked cell phones. Of all the many pumps we have owned and tested, this is by far the smallest. Its hose is removable and the storage bag is tiny. This unit would fit anyplace in your vehicle. 

Synchwire tire pumpSyncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator - Features
Included with the Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator is a pack of four spare valve caps. That’s a nice bonus. We lose them all the time. You also get a sports ball pin and another two inflator tips. Like most inflators, this one also has a built-in flashlight. One novel feature is that it can power up your smartphone or tablet using a USB outlet. 

The units has a backlit screen and a battery life indicator. The car’s tire pressure is displayed once you have connected the screw-on hose and the pressure the unit is set at is also displayed. A simple pair of arrows allows the user to set the desired inflation pressure. 

Synchwire air pumpSyncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator - Our Own Testing
Our test unit arrived in its box undamaged. Once open, we plugged it in to charge, but found that it was at 100% state of charge already. How convenient!

We tested the Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator on a 2025 Toyota Crown sedan. We found it extremely easy to set up the pump, and we liked the screw-on valve connection. The pump is very intuitive to use. There is no learning curve. A tiny instruction manual is included, but you won’t need it. Removing the air hose and storing the unit back in its little pouch is a snap. It was daylight when we tested the unit, but the flashlight feature did work as expected. 
Pumping speed seemed “normal” to us. Neither faster nor slower than similarly-priced but larger units we own. It is pretty quiet. We’d say the quietest we have ever used. 

Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator - What Do Other Reviews Say?
The Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator has about 100 reviews on Amazon. Thus far, it has earned a 4.8-Star rating, which we would say is valid based on our own testing. 

Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator - Summary and Conclusion
We give the Syncwire 150PSI Portable Tire Inflator two thumbs up. It is small, feels of high quality, and is priced right. Its biggest plus seems to be its compact size. This could be stashed anyplace in a car’s interior or cargo space. If you want a small pump for emergencies or for occasional topping up of tires, this is one we’d check out. 

Author Note: The product in this review was supplied as a sample by the manufacturer. As with all products we review, we have offered to return the unit following our evaluation. 

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