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Tinsae Aregay has been following Tesla and The evolution of the EV space on a daily basis for several years. He covers everything about Tesla from the cars, to Elon Musk, the energy business and autonomy. Follow Tinsae on Twitter at @TinsaeAregay for daily Tesla news.

MKBHD Releases Cybertruck 2nd Impressions Video – “All the Numbers Except 0 to 60 Mph are Worst Than They Promised, 1st Time That’s True for Tesla” 2023-12-07
Elon Musk Hints Cybertruck Can be Sold in Europe, Refutes Tesla Truck is “Unable to Pass European Pedestrian Safety Regulations” 2023-12-07
UFC President Dana White Partners with Elon Musk to Give Away a Free Early VIN “Foundation Series” Cybertruck, Here is How to Win 2023-12-07
Following Cybertruck Breakthrough, Ford CEO Confirms He Personally Received “How to Design a 48-volt Vehicle” Guide from Tesla, Elon Musk Responds 2023-12-07
Elon Musk Pushes “Material Cybertruck Production Ramp” to 2025, Admits it’ll be “Such a Small Percentage of Tesla Vehicles in 2024” 2023-12-06
Elon Musk Confirms Tesla is Close to Producing $25,000 Next-Gen Car at Giga Texas, Teases “Technology That’s Far in Advance” 2023-12-05
A Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Off-Roading Carrying a Toyota Prius on the Truck Bed Ahead of Automatic Emergency Braking Test 2023-12-05
A New Video Shows Tesla’s Top Executive Team Thoroughly Testing The Cybertruck’s “Shatter Resistant” Glass Outside the Delivery Event 2023-12-04
Tesla’s VP of Investor Relations Defends MKBHD’s Cybertruck Review Against “He Should Stay in His Lane” Comments & Production Quality Concerns 2023-12-02
Tesla’s Head of Vehicle Engineering Confirms Cybertruck is Capable of 350KW V4 Suprcharging – 15% to 85% in under 18 minutes 2023-12-01
“Beast Mode” Tesla Cybertruck Goes Toe-to-Toe Against Rivian R1T & Hammer EV in 1st Drag Race, Breaks Fastest Pickup Truck Record 2023-12-01
Tesla Starts Delivering First 1000 “Foundation Series” Cybertrucks – 3-Headed Cyberbeast Insignia & More Hidden Details 2023-12-01
BREAKING: Tesla Launches Two Factory Cybertruck Color Options – Matte black & Satin White 2023-11-30
Elon Musk Provides More Details About the Cybertruck's “Range Extender” – "Fits in 1/3 of Truck Bed, Intended For Long Trips & Towing Up Mountains” 2023-11-30
Tesla Stock Falls Ahead of Cybertruck Delivery as MKBHD Accidentally Revealed 265 Miles EPA Range in a Review Cybertruck 2023-11-30
Tesla Cybertruck Shows off Rear-Wheel Steering & Steer-by-Wire Mechanisms Over Giga Texas Helipad Ahead of Deliveries 2023-11-30
Tesla Confirms a Cybertruck Solar Panel Cover That According to Elon Musk “Can Generate 15 Miles Per Day” Will be Offered as an Accessory 2023-11-29
How To Drastically Extend Cybertruck's Range With an Easy Trick 2023-11-29
Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Delivery Event Will Exclusively Be Streamed on X (Twitter), Is Elon Musk Going Too Far Propping Up X Using Tesla? 2023-11-28
BREAKING: Tesla Has Added a New Cybertruck Startup Light Sequence and Raise to Start & Lower to Enter Feature Through an Over-the-Air Update 2023-11-27
BREAKING: Tesla Manager Reveals the Cybertruck Has a 123KWh Battery Pack 2023-11-27
Tesla Has a Cybertruck Inspired Stainless Steel Open-Top Vehicle That Can Seat 6 People Deployed at Giga Texas 2023-11-26
A New Video Shows Little Children Absolutely Love the Tesla Cybertruck – “Mom, it’s the real Cyb’o’rtruck!” 2023-11-26
Lines Stretching Blocks Outside Tesla Showrooms Eliminate Doubts About Cybertruck Demand – Interest is Reminiscent of Early Model 3 Days 2023-11-25
The Dirties Tesla Cybertruck Ever Seen Shows a Potential Issue with the Giga Wiper 2023-11-25