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Over 600 Cybertrucks Pile Up at Giga Texas as Tesla Stops Cybertruck Deliveries Following an Issue With the Truck’s Accelerator Pedal

A record of over 600 Cybertrucks were spotted at Giga Texas. Although a higher number is usually a cause for celebration, this time, it appears to have been caused by Tesla halting Cybertruck deliveries due to an issue with the accelerator pedal.

A couple of good sources regularly fly drones over Tesa’s Texas factory. These individuals and their namesake YouTube channels, Brad Sloan and Joe Tegtmeyer, have been invaluable sources for tracking Tesla’s activities at the company’s Giga Texas headquarters.

Of the countless information, including construction, production output, Boring Company tunnels, and many other activities tracked by the drone flights, in recent history, the most exciting information to come out of the drone flyovers has been the number of Cybertrucks seen at one time at Giga Texas.

This number is usually used as a shorthand to predict Tesla’s daily or weekly Cybertruck production number.

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It is especially necessary to make an educated guess as to how the Cybertruck production ramp is going since Tesla does not include the official Cybertruck production number in the company’s quarterly production and delivery report.

Previously, the highest number of Cybertrucks spotted parked together at Giga Texas was around 400 trucks.

However, today, a new drone flyover Giga Texas, shows a record number of over 600 Cybertrucks spotted parked together at the Texas facility.

Various parking lots at the Texas factory have been overrun with a flood of stainless steel trucks.

Usually, the more Cybertrucks seen at Giga Texas, the better since it indicates Tesla has increased Cybertruck output.

However, the recent record number of Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas indicates an issue.

In the last few days, prospective Cybertruck owners have reported that their deliveries have been pushed back for an “expected reason.”

That was surprising; however, today, we have reports showing the unexpected delays were caused by Tesla halting Cybertruck deliveries due to a production issue.

According to multiple sources, Tesla has stopped Cybertruck deliveries due to an issue with the accelerator pedal cover.

Sources report that the accelerator pedal cover can detach with prolonged use, and the issue appears to be caused by lubricants in the area.

Usually, when we hear Tesla has to do a massive recall, it is mostly an over-the-air software update the company can roll out to millions of vehicles instantly.

However, in this case, it appears that Tesla will need to physically take in Cybertrucks on the road and replace the accelerator pedal cover through a service appointment.

All the information points to the fact that Tesla is currently working to implement corrective action to solve this problem.

However, until this issue can be solved, Tesla appears to have decided to halt Cybertruck deliveries.

How significant is the Cybertruck accelerator pedal issue?

As of writing, besides unexpectedly halting Cybertruck deliveries, Tesla has not publicly commented on the issue. We don’t have any confirmation when Cybertruck customers can once again start taking delivery of their trucks.

So far, we know that the issue with Cybertruck is simple: applying a plastic cover over the accelerator pedal. Given the problem's simplicity compared to the engineering marvel that is the Cybertruck, we don’t expect it will take Tesla long to find a solution.

Did Tesla issue a Cybertruck recall?

As of this writing, we are still waiting to hear whether Tesla has handed out an official recall notice to Cybertruck owners or if the authorities have issued a similar statement.

This can mean two things. First, the issue with the accelerator pedal cover may only be present on new Cybertrucks.

Tesla changed something with the truck's production process, which could have raised the issue.

Second, Tesla might still need to work out the scope of the issue entirely and is still investigating to determine all the trucks affected before issuing a physical recall.

Should you stop driving your Cybertruck until this issue is sorted out?

As of now, Tesla has not sent out an order to stop driving the Cybertruck, which means this is no time to start freaking out.

Tesla has an excellent track record regarding safety, and if the EV maker deems the issue critical, Tesla will undoubtedly warn customers as soon as possible.

Whether to keep driving your Cybertruck is based on your personal risk tolerance, but from all available information, there doesn’t appear to be a major safety issue.

What is Tesla’s official Cybertruck production number?

Tesla does not include Cybertruck production in its quarterly production and delivery report.

This means a couple of things. First, Cybertruck production has not grown to a significant amount to be material to Tesla’s financials, and second, we will have to make educated guesses to determine Cybertruck production numbers.

So far, we know that a couple of weeks back, Tesla celebrated achieving a battery production rate that is enough for 1000 Cybertrucks a week.

Unlike all Tesla vehicles, the EV maker has decided to build the Cybertrucks’ “Cybercell” batteries in-house.

This allows us to monitor the progress of the Cybertruck production rump by measuring the output of the main components.

At 1000 Cybertrucks per week, Tesla would reach a production run rate of 50,000 Cybertrucks per year.

However, although battery production has reached this significant milestone, Cybertruck output at Giga Texas appears to be half that number.

At a production run rate of around 25,000 Cybertruck’s a year, Tesla appears to be only one-tenth the way from reaching peak Cybertruck production goal of 250,000 trucks a year.

How will the recall affect the Cybertruck production ramp?

Although frustrating for any new Cybertruck buyer who now has to wait an extra few days or a week to get his/her Cybertruck, this recall does not appear to be critical enough to affect Cybertruck production long term.

As mentioned above, Tesla is only one-tenth the way from reaching the ultimate Cybertruck production rate of 250,000 trucks per year, and to achieve this ambitious goal, Tesla has a far more significant issue to overcome than a misapplied accelerator pedal cover.

When will Tesla resume Cybertruck deliveries?

Unfortunately, let alone inform us when Cybertruck deliveries will resume, the EV maker has yet to officially admit to halting Cybertruck deliveries.

This means that, as of this writing, we can not give you a definitive answer as to when Tesla will restart Cybertruck deliveries; however, given the simple nature of the accelerator pedal issue, we expect Tesla to sort out the problem in the next few days or a week.

Currently, this is all the information we have regarding the Cybertruck recall and the truck’s production rate; however, we’ll keep you posted as we receive further information. Until then, visit our site,, regularly for the latest updates.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised to learn Tesla has halted Cybertruck deliveries? How do you think Tesla’s Cybertruck production ramp is going compared to previous Tesla vehicles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Image: Screenshot from Brad Sloan’s YouTube channel

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