Tesla Cybertruck

The CyberTruck is Tesla's futuristic version of a pickup truck. It comes in a single motor, dual-motor, and tri-motor configuration. Additional motors will give additional towing power and range to the vehicle.
The Boring Company Pod

Tesla’s Chief Designer Says He Prefers The Design Of The Upcoming “Futuristic” Robotaxi Than Even The Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck has one of the most iconic designs of any production vehicle. However, today, in a new CNBC interview, asked what his favorite vehicle design is, Tesla's Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen revealed that he prefers the design of the upcoming driverless "futuristic" robotaxi even to that of the design of the Cybertruck.
Cybertruck's Giga Press

Tesla’s Giga Press Supplier Reveals It’s Already Working On A 2nd Giga Press For The Cybertruck

Last month Tesla's Giga Press supplier, IDRA, announced that it has completed assembling and testing a new 9000-t Giga Press that will be used to build the Cybertruck's body. And today, IDRA revealed that the company has already started working on a new Giga Press that looks similar to the 9000-t Cybertruck Giga Press.

Tesla shows off the Design Of A Hyperloop Pod That Can Travel 700 mph It Has Been Working On

At Tesla's showing at the Peterson Automotive Museum, among other items, the EV maker has also brought a scaled-down version of a Hyperloop pod that the company has been working on. A Hyperloop is a new form of transportation Elon Musk has invented and is expected to travel at speeds as high as 700 mph.
Tesla Semi

Tesla’s Head Of IR Says He “Didn’t Believe It's Possible To Make a 500-mile Truck” Days Ahead Of Deliveries

5 years after the unveiling, Tesla is set to begin delivering the company's all-electric class 8 truck on December first. However, only days out until the start of deliveries, Tesla's head of Investor Relations, Martin Veicha says he "didn't believe it's possible to make a 500 mile, fully loaded Class 8 truck."
Tesla Cybertruck

Video Of A New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Surfaces With Final Tweaks Ahead Of Production

Since its unveiling back in 2019, Tesla has made several changes to the Cybertruck design. And today, thanks to a video of a new Cybertruck prototype that surfaced online, we can see all the final changes Tesla has made to the Cybertruck before the start of production.
Tesla Cybertruck, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Cybertruck: 1,5 Million Reservation Holders, Needs To Start Selling ASAP

Given the increasing competition from traditional automakers, Tesla needs to recover the momentum created with the launch of the Cybertruck, after – long - three years without a new electric model on the market: the million and a half Cybertruck accumulated reservations should by all means work as a guarantee of business success.
Tesla FSD

Elon Musk Announces FSD Beta Is Available To All Teslas In North America In Time For Thanksgiving

Tesla has decided to open the floodgates and allow any Tesla owner in North America who purchased the full self-driving option to download FSD Beta. Now hundreds of thousands of Tesla owners will have one more thing to be grateful for on thanksgiving.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Tesla Shares Surge 8% Following Reports Elon Musk Is Eying South Korea For Tesla’s Next Gigafactory

Citing a conversation that Elon Musk had with the South Korean president, today Reuters came out with a report claiming that Tesla has picked the east Asian country as one of its top candidates for the EV maker's next gigafactory. This new sent Tesla share surging rising by 8% in a single trading day.
Tesla Interior and iphone

After Years Of Pleading With Elon Musk Tesla Owners Are Finally Getting Apple Music In Their Vehicles

For years Tesla owners have been asking Elon Musk to bring Apple Music to the company's vehicles. And today their pleas have been answered as Model S with developer software on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum has been spotted with Apple Music installed.
Tesla FSD Beta

Release Note For Tesla FSD Beta V11 Which Will Bring Vector Space To Highways Now Shared Online

Tesla is currently in the initial stages of rolling out FSD Beta V11 which is the company's next iteration of autopilot software. FSD Beta V11 is expected to bring vector spaces and use of all 8 cameras to highway driving. Currently, we have yet to see FSD Beta V11 out in the world however, until then we have gotten V11's release note with a list of all the improvements coming with the new software.
Tesla Cybertruck, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla Cybertruck: World's Largest Casting Machine Heading To Gigafactory Texas From Italy

Idra, the Italian company that manufactures the casting machines for Tesla, confirms the shipment of the largest machine of this type in the world to Giga-Texas in Austin; the giant machine will be installed on the production line of the Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Robot, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

“Blade Runner” Style Vehicles Designed By Tesla Dogo Supercomputer: Cybertruck On Mars

These vehicles have been drawn using specific software for the Tesla supercomputer, known as Dojo, partially based on the Cybertruck design. The future of this artificial intelligence involves the complete design of the company's electric models, allegedly without the need for human intervention.
Tesla Giga Berlin

Tesla Employees Confirm Work On Giga Berlin Battery Plant Is Continuing Despite WSJ Reporting

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla has decided to put on hold plans to produce 4680 cells in Giga Berlin. However, today, we have received conflicting information from individuals on the ground citing senior Tesla staff, that suggests work on the Giga Berlin battery plant is progressing according to plan.
Tesla FSD

Tesla To Bring Back Updated HD Radar To Its Vehicles With Autopilot HW4 Suggests New Finding

Tesla recently removed radar from the company's vehicles and moved to a camera-based pure vision system. However, today we have gotten conflicting information that suggests, Tesla is planning to bring back updated HD radar to the company's vehicles with the upcoming Autopilot Hardware 4 upgrade.
Tesla Supercharger

First Tesla Supercharger V4 Station Coming To Yuma County, Arizona

A few weeks, back we got our first images of Tesla's next-generation V4 Superchargers with taller and thinner stalls. And today, we have seen plans for the first Tesla V4 supercharger station to be built in Yuma County, Arizona. The upcoming supercharger station, in addition to the new superchargers, also features solar panels and a megapack.
Tesla Giga Shanghai

Tesla Giga Shanghai Achieves Annualized Production Rate Of Over 900,000 Vehicles In August

Tesla China has just posted its second-highest monthly delivery number in August, producing and selling 76,965 vehicles. And even more impressively, August's delivery numbers mark the second time Giga Shanghai was able to surpass an annualized production run rate of 900,000 vehicles.
Tesla Model Y

Model Y With Tesla Vision Receives Top Score On New Euro NCAP Safety Test Despite Lack Of Radar

The Tesla Model Y has received a leading score of 98 percent in Euro NCAP's automatic emergency braking test despite the vehicle not being equipped with radar. This is a great testament to Elon Musk's and Tesla's belief that level 5 autonomy can be achieved using only cameras.
Tesla solar roof

Elon Musk Says More Tesla Solar & Batteries Are Needed In California Amid Record Heat Wave & Power Outages

California is currently experiencing record heat waves and a record electricity demand with authorities warning residents to prepare for rolling blackout. And in response, Elon Musk says the state needs more solar panels & stationary batteries to deal with the current situation.
Tesla Cybertruck

New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype Spotted With A Broken Windshield, Lidar Sensors & Unusual Wheels

Tesla is currently in the process of getting ready to launch the Cybertruck. And today, we got a glimpse into that process as a new Cybertruck prototype was spotted which appeared to have been off-road testing. This Cybertruck prototype had a broken windshield, several scratches all over the body, bolted-on Lidar sensors, and a new unconventional wheel design.
Tesla FSD Beta

Elon Musk Says Stop Complaining To Tesla FSD Beta 10.69 Testers Following Bad Review

Tesla recently released a major autopilot update. The new software called FSD Beta 10.69 incorporates major improvements including solving Chuck Cook style unprotected left turn. However, despite FSD Beta 10.69's improvements, some testers are reporting issues with the new software. And Musk, frustrated with the criticism, has asked early testers to stop complaining.
Tesla FSD Beta

Elon Musk Praises Tesla’s AI Team After Solving Chuck Cook Style Unprotected Left Turn On FSD Beta 10.69

Today, Tesla released the next iteration of the company's full self-driving software, FSD Beta 10.69. This new software brings a number of improvements including solving Chuck Cook style unprotected left turn. And Elon Musk, happy with FSD Beta 10.69 has praised Tesla's AI team.