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Tesla Engineers Break-in Through My Cybertruck Window & Drill Open My Frunk After Elon Musk Steps In to Diagnose the Issue With My Second Bricked Cybertruck

Tesla only recently gave Lamar a replacement Cybertruck after his 1st truck ended up plagued with issues. However, Lamar’s 2nd Cybertruck has once again failed spectacularly. Elon Musk has personally stepped in with a radical approach to solving the case.

Today, we have a story for you about a man who must be the most unfortunate Cybertruck owner. A few weeks back, we shared a story about Lamar MK; at that point, we reported that a U.S. Army veteran and tech YouTuber was having multiple issues with his brand-new Cybertruck.

Our story mainly focused on the fact that Tesla refused to give Lamar a replacement Cybertruck even after his brand-new Cybertruck left him stranded on four different occasions. Lamar’s Cybertruck spent most of the three months he owned his vehicle being worked on at Tesla service.

After the story made headlines, Tesla did the right thing. The EV maker finally offered the Cybertruck owner a different truck. Lamar expressed his gratitude for Tesla and recommended that people buy the EV maker’s products.

At this point, you might be thinking, this is where the story ends happily ever after; however, today, Lamar’s second Cybertruck has once again failed.

Lamar’s last Cybertruck had issues with the high-voltage battery, limiting his power and rendering it undrivable on different occasions. However, if you think this is bad, last night, his second Cybertruck experienced an even more catastrophic failure and became completely bricked.

Not only did Lamar’s Cybertruck fail to drive, but the vehicle is completely dead. There is no power to open the door; he can’t release his charger from the charge port; he can’t open the tonneau cover to access the charger's manual release; he can’t open the frunk; the vehicle can’t connect to Tesla’s app. All in all, Lamar’s Cybertruck is completely unresponsive.

Naturally, Lamar contacted Tesla, and the company informed him that his Cybertruck had gone completely offline, and the EV maker couldn’t access it to perform remote diagnostics.

Another thing to note here is that, fortunately, Lamar’s Cybertruck failed at home this time, but if his vehicle had failed in the middle of the street, he would have been in a big danger. Tesla only sent out roadside assistance to his Cybertruck the next morning.

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As he waited for Tesla’s roadside assistance, Lamar tried to troubleshoot the issue himself. He opened the plastic piece on the fender of his Cybertruck and tried to jump-start the low-voltage system.

Lamar’s Cybertruck gave a groaning sound; however, his Cybertruck was still completely bricked.

The next day, Tesla’s roadside assistance had to tow the vehicle with the charger port still plugged in. Once he reached Tesla’s service center, Lamar gave us another update.

Tesla service technicians were still unable to access the inside of his car and had to resort to opening the vehicle door with a break-in tool through the Cybertruck glass.

At this point, Lamar’s prospects were looking slim; however, lo and behold, Tesla CEO Elon Musk saw Lamar’s predicament and decided to intervene in his case personally.

What’s surprising is that after Elon Musk's involvement, Lamar shared an update video and said, “Something magical just happened. Elon Musk just responded to my post by saying, “We’ll get it fixed, pronto,” and within two minutes, they got access to the frunk. They were able to open it. I think that was pretty magical.” 

After gaining access to the frunk, Tesla service technicians were able to diagnose the issue with his Cybertruck.

According to Lamar, Tesla said, “The issue has to do with the Cybertruck’s mid-voltage system, which helps to power everything else in the vehicle, not functioning properly.”

What’s interesting here is that Tesla had to drill underneath the frunk to break the latch and open the frunk to get access to the low-voltage system and diagnose the issue.

After a few hours, Lamar posted another update video; this time, he revealed that his Cybertruck was completely powered on and that Tesla had figured out the issue.

This is very good to see; however, Lamar stated that, even though his vehicle is working, Tesla has decided to keep his Cybertruck overnight. Lamar’s Cybertruck has a faulty left vehicle control, and the service center has ordered parts to replace the faulty part so that the issue doesn’t occur again.

Tesla might also have needed to keep Lamar’s Cybertruck overnight to fix broken parts when the EV maker was trying to access the inside of his vehicle.

Although Lamar couldn’t return home with his Cybertruck, he revealed that Tesla gave him a loaner dual-motor Long Range Tesla Model Y with an acceleration boost and full self-driving enabled.

Lamar stated that he was only able to drive his Cybertruck for a week and 800 miles before his 2nd Cybertruck once again experienced a catastrophic failure.

Given the multiple issues he has experienced with his Cybertruck, Lamar states that he will not leave his children inside the vehicle lest it becomes bricked and he can’t open the door to get them out.

It’s unfortunate to see a brand new Cybertruck owner dealing with so many issues. As of now, this is all the information we’ve regarding Lamar’s Cybertruck; however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when we get an update on his story.

Until then, make sure to visit our site,, regularly for the latest updates.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised to see a Tesla vehicle experiencing so many issues? Also, what would you do if you were in Lamar’s situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by clicking the red “Add new comment” button.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, inc.

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