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I’m Getting Constant Insults When Out in Public in My Tesla Cybertruck – If It’s the Exposed Stainless Steel That Triggers People, I’m Considering Wrapping My Cybertruck

New Cybertruck owners report that they are constantly accosted when out in public with their trucks. One Cybertruck owner who has reached his wit's end says he is open to wrapping his Cybertruck if the stainless steel is what triggers people.

After years of delays, the Cybertruck is finally in customers' hands. These new owners are elated to finally be driving the truck they have been dreaming of for almost half a decade.

However, what's intriguing is the unexpected attention these vehicles have been attracting once they hit the streets. Cybertruck drivers find themselves at the epicenter of a unique and unprecedented level of public interest.

People who regularly drive multi-million dollar one-off hypercars report getting more attention in a Cybertruck than in their other vehicles.

Yes, much of this unwarranted attention is related to the Cybertruck’s radical design. The Cybertruck is the first mass-market vehicle to feature an unpainted exposed stainless steel exterior and an uncommon triangular silhouette.

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Given the Cybertruck’s radical design, we understand people occasionally taking out their smartphones to take a picture or coming up to a Cybertruck owner to inquire about the vehicle.

This is all well and good; however, what has been surprising is the amount of hate Tesla Cybertruck owners are subjected to on a daily basis.

A lot of Cybertruck reviewers have commented on this fact throughout multiple channels. However, one Cybertruck owner appears to have reached the limit of all the negative comments he is receiving in public and has decided maybe he should do something about it.

José Ordoñez is one of the early Cybertruck owners. He has been driving his all-electric truck without any issues for the last four months.

Jose writes… “I’m a March 2024 Cybertruck owner here, with VIN 3000's. It's still stainless steel and has no major issues. I'm planning on wrapping it at some point. I'm curious if you experienced any negative reactions with your Cybertruck in stainless steel mode and if those reactions decreased after you wrapped it. I'm wondering if it's the stainless steel that triggers people or if it's the same when wrapped. I usually get about 95% good vibes, but occasionally I encounter some idiots. Here's a picture of my Cybertruck for reference.”

What is surprising here is that Jose is generally fond of the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior; however, he is considering spending thousands of dollars to cover it up in the hopes that he will receive less hate in public.

Other Cybertruck owners underneath Jose’s post commented that they have also experienced similar negative attention while driving their Cybertruck in public.

Jacob Tresenriter shared his experience, stating, “I find it amazing that I had numerous photos taken of my vehicle today in parking lots, had two drivers roll down their windows at stop lights and tell me my truck was awesome, yet one guy in a Jeep Cherokee had to throw insults at me using his finger as he passed on the road. I'm unsure why his opinion differed from everyone else’s. Or better yet, why did he feel the need to put on a display instead of just driving by.”

The comment section is filled with Cybertruck owners sharing similar negative experiences they encountered in public.

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There are two things to consider here: first, will wrapping a Tesla Cybertruck shield the owner from constant negative attention? Second, why is the Cybertruck generating so much hate in the first place?

For the first question, Cybertruck owners appear to be divided on whether wrapping a Cybertruk will increase or decrease unpleasant public interactions.

One Cybertruck owner wrote, “I have a stainless steel Cybertruck, and a friend has a wrapped one. You totally get more attention with the stainless steel versus the wrapped one due to the stainless steel being so polarizing.”

Another commenter chimed in support, writing, “I got mine wrapped In Inozetek Bright Red. It gets way more positive feedback than when it was stainless. I also noticed many more red pickup trucks on the road. I think when people see it with some color, they think it’s less polarizing. I'm not sure why, really. You would think Red would be more triggering. But 98% positive so far. Also, it's way easier to look nice most of the time. Fingerprints are not an issue.”

However, other Cybertruck owners in the forum pointed out that they have received way more negative attention after getting their trucks wrapped.

Mike Dee wrote, “I’ve wrapped mine and maybe have more ignorant, rude, and negative responses, but still overwhelmingly positive.”

Overall, the experiences of Cybertruck owners seem to be a mixed bag; however, the consensus appears to be that wrapping a Cybertruck, even in bright colors, decreases the negative attention. One forum user quipped, “I guess we can refer to wrapping the Cybertruck as toning it down."

This leads us to our second question: Why does the Cybertruck generate such vitriol in public? It’s almost impossible to answer this question definitively since every person who hurls insults at a Cybertruck driver has his personal perspective.

However, the general consensus here appears to be that people do not like electric vehicles. Many internal combustion vehicle enthusiasts see EVs as an existential threat to their way of life.

Hatred for EVs also appears to be divided along political lines, and perhaps those hurling insults at EV drivers on the roads are doing so in the name of political protest.

Overall, the trend of accosting Cybertruck drivers appears to be growing; however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if this trend reverses once Cybertrucks become much more available and popular.

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So, what do you think? Are you surprised to see Cybertruck drivers have been dealing with this much negative attention in public? What do you think is the reason for the Cybertruck vitriol? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by clicking the red “Add new comment” button.

Image: Screenshot from WhipAddict YouTube channel

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