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An Hour After I Picked Up My Brand-New Cybertruck, I Rear-Ended a Tesla Model 3, but It’s Not My Fault, My Cybertruck Brake Pedal Failed

A new video shows a Tesla Cybertruck crashing into a Model 3 in the middle of the street. The Cybertruck owner only picked up his truck from Tesla less than an hour ago and claimed the accident happened because his brakes “stopped responding.”

Over the past few weeks, we have reported several instances of a customer-owned Cybertruck getting into an accident on the road. Usually, the story goes like this: a Cybertruck gets into an accident with another car, and the Cybertruck comes out unscathed while the other car is totaled.

Here are a few examples, including a Cybertruck and a Ram pickup truck, a Cybertruck at 75mph and a deer; a Cybertruck and a house; a Cybertruck and a semi-trailer; a Cybertruck and a Nissan Sentra; a Cybertruck and a Toyota Camry; and a Cybertruck after rolling over multiple times.

The reason we find Cybertruck crashes interesting is that the Cybertruck is the first production bulletproof vehicle with an angular stainless steel exoskeleton. The Cybertruck’s nonconventional build makes it interesting to see how the vehicle holds up in a crash and how much damage the Cybertruck does to other vehicles.

Usually, Cybertruck crash stories are used to highlight Tesla’s lead over other automakers. However, what if an accident involves a Cybertruck and another Tesla vehicle?

That’s exactly what happened recently between a Tesla Cybertruck and a blue Model 3 in the middle of the road.

Any accident is not good; however, the circumstances of this particular accident are particularly unfortunate because it has only been an hour since the Cybertruck owner picked up his truck from Tesla.

As you can see in the crash footage shared by the Cybertruck owner, the Cybertruck was following a Tesla Model 3 as they were both going into a right-turn lane. Briefly, both vehicles stop as they allow oncoming traffic to pass before they merge; however, the Cybertruck starts to move and rear-ends the Model 3.

The Cybertruck owner, who goes by the Twitter handle @favio1993, immediately shared his account of the incident. He wrote, “Almost 1 hour after I picked up my brand new Cybertruck, I had an accident. The brake pedal was not responding, and I collided with another vehicle in front."

@favio1993, who goes by the Twitter handle 911, also adds, “I don't know what to do. I already called my insurance company and called Tesla service, and they told me to call my insurance company. Where can I report this?”

Before we discuss the damage to both vehicles, it’s important to address @favio1993’s claim that his Cybertruck brake pedals failed.

In the last week, this is the second Cybertruck unintended acceleration claim we have received. The first Cybertruck owner claimed his Cybertruck accelerated out of control while he was pressing the brake pedal.

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The incident video shows the Tesla Cybertruck wheels screeching and the vehicle reaching high speeds before the Cybertruck runs straight into a wall.

In the above incident, the video was captured by a fairly high-definition neighborhood camera. In contrast, in @favio1993’s case, he shared dashcam footage of his Cybertruck rear-ending a Model 3 captured by his Cybertruck.

In the video, you can see both the Model 3 and Cybertruck coming to a stop before the Cybertruck starts to move and hit the Model 3 from behind.

Both the person who ran into a wall at high speed and the Cybertruck owner who rear-ended a Model 3 are claiming their vehicle malfunctioned. However, both cases are easy to debunk.

We’ve already explained what happened in the other Cybertruck crash, so you can visit here to get a detailed rundown.

However, going back to the Cybertruck versus Model 3 crash, the Cybertruck owner claims that his brakes stopped working. Given that the Model 3 was at a lower grade compared to the Cybertruck, if the all-electric truck’s brakes failed, it’s conceivable the vehicle could slide and hit the Model 3.

However, if you look at the footage, the Cybertruck did not slowly roll down and hit the Model 3; the truck clearly accelerated towards the Model 3 until it rear-ended the Tesla sedan.

In this case, it’s highly likely that the Cybertruck owner accidentally pressed the accelerator pedal, thinking it was the brake, causing the damage.

In the comment section under @favio1993’s post, a lot of people are criticizing him for causing the accident and misrepresenting the facts; however, it’s important to remember that it has only been an hour since he took delivery of his Cybertruck.

One hour is not enough to get completely acquainted with a brand-new vehicle, and it’s understandable, although the incident video suggests otherwise, that @favio1993 genuinely believes he pressed the brake pedal and his truck caused the accident on its own.

The second person who claimed his Cybertruck brakes failed and caused an accident had also owned his truck for less than 4 hours.

Although the crash was unfortunate, it’s good to see that the Cybertruck and the Model 3 were not heavily damaged by the incident.

Currently, this is all the information we’ve regarding the Cybertruck/Model 3, Tesla on Tesla crash; however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as the story evolves. Until then, make sure to visit our site,, regularly for the latest updates.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised to see several new Cybertruck owners experiencing brake failures? Do you think there is some truth to their claim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by clicking the red “Add new comment” button.

Image: Courtesy of Insurance Auto Auction, Inc.

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Sandy (not verified)    July 7, 2024 - 11:24AM

To my experience, it is very possible the owner stepped on the wrong paddle instead of the brake. It happened to me on my Model Y, but I caught myself before I crashed.