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Tesla Sets October Delivery Date For 470-Mile Range Cybertruck With Extended Battery Pack

A prospective Cybertruck owner who ordered the 470-mile range variant with the extended range battery pack revealed that Tesla gave him an October delivery date. Tesla’s lead Cybertruck engineer further corroborated this information.

One of the biggest surprises of the Cybertruck delivery event was the issue of range and the optional range extender batterypack.

Coming up to the Cybertruck delivery date, we had learned almost everything about the truck; however, when Tesla finally revealed the final range number, it was a huge disappointment.

The longest-range Cybertruck, the AWD variant, has an EPA range of only 340 miles, considerably less than Tesla's 500-mile range announced in 2019.

This was a letdown. However, for people who want to travel longer without having to charge in their Cybertrucks, Tesla also announced a surprise extended-range option, Cybertruck, that will travel 470 miles.

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We still don’t know everything about the extended-range battery; however, we know that it is an optional battery pack that will sit in the vehicle's bed and take up one-third of the bed space.

The range extender battery pack also has a 50KWh battery capacity, increasing the Cybertruck’s 123KWh battery pack capacity by 40 percent to a total of 173KWh.

We also know that the range extender will weigh about 500 lbs and can possibly be removed by owners once installed.

Finally, we know that the range extender battery pack will cost $16,000, and Tesla was aiming to launch this option by the end of the year.

All these facts have dripped out slowly from Elon Musk himself and other Tesla executives and engineers during interviews.

One thing to note about the Cybertruck’s extended battery pack option is that the whole product feels very un-Tesla-like. Tesla is known for its highly streamlined and beautifully integrated products; however, the range extender feels like the EV maker just decided to add a large battery pack and throw it on the truck bed.

Given this un-Tesla-like feeling, many individuals doubted that Tesla would launch such an unpolished product. However, thanks to new information, we have confirmation that Tesla is indeed launching the Cybertruck range extender option.

Kelvin Nguyen is a Cybertruck owner who is a member of the Cybertruck Owners Only forum. Kelvin is satisfied with his Cybertruck and has order a second all-electric truck from Tesla.

It’s great to hear that Cybertruck buyers are enjoying the ownership experience. However, what was even more interesting was that Kelvin revealed the exact configuration of his second Cybertruck order and the estimated delivery date he received from Tesla.

Kelvin writes, “My second Cybertruck Cyberbeast with extended battery is on the way. It's estimated to be delivered in October.” In conjunction with this post, Kelvin shared pictures of his second Cybertruck order.

An October delivery date is the first conclusive date a prospective Cybertruck owner with an extended range option has shared thus far.

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This is exciting; however, if a single online post by a Cybertruck owner is not enough to persuade you, Tesla’s lead Cybertruck engineer, Wes Morrill, has also confirmed that the Cybertruck range extender option is on track for release later this year.

Wes Morrill made this announcement during a discussion regarding Cybertruck’s weight advantage compared to other electric trucks. Wes admired the Tesla team's dedication to removing weight from the stainless steel Cybertruck.

While discussing the Cbyertruck’s weight advantage, an X user, admiring the Cybertruck’s lightness, informed the Tesla engineer that he would like to see a 500-mile-range Cybertruck variation without a range extender and added, “I’m hoping that’s in the works for 2026 or so.”

Wes responded, “Battery density and cost will continue improving with time, but that is a long game. In the meantime, a range extender is still on track [for later this year] for those who really need it.

Kelvin’s Cybertruck delivery timeline, added with the words from the Cybertruck lead engineer, gives more credence to the October delivery date for the range extender battery pack.

Another thing to note while we are here is that Wes has also given more clarification on why Tesla chose the bed to put the range extender battery pack in and, in the meantime, has ruled out that Tesla would move the location of the range extender battery pack to another location.

Following up on the range extender discussion, another X user expressed his wish for Tesla to change the location of the range extender battery pack by writing, “Please share with the Tesla team that alternate setups for the range extender would be great. Frunk, back floor, etc. All better than the back bed.”

Surprisingly, Wes responded to this hotly discussed matter in the Tesla community, in the process, clarifying Tesla’s decision to put the range extender battery on the bed.

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In response to the X user, Wes explained that the Cybertruck bed is the perfect place for the range extender, writing, “A “better" [place for the range extender] depends on what you measure. Unfortunately, those locations are all objectively worse for crash performance and would fail to meet the bare minimum regulatory requirements.”

Reading Wes’s explanation, it becomes clear that Tesla had considered other locations for the range extender before settling on the bed.

From a safety perspective, this makes perfect sense. The Cybertruck is already designed to carry up to 2500 lbs on the bed, which means the vehicle is already designed with the margin to carry an additional 500 lbs battery pack on the bed from the get-go.

Also, the range extender battery pack is situated near the cabin in the bed, so if there is an accident from the back or front, the battery pack will be less likely to be involved in the crash.

If we consider the frunk as the location for the range extender battery pack like the X user suggested, the battery pack will be the first thing hit during a frontal crash.

Although not elegant from a safety standpoint, the Cybertruck bed appears to be the only place Tesla can put the large battery pack while maintaining high safety standards.

Currently, this is all the information we have regarding the Cybertruck extended-range battery pack. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted once we learn more about Tesla’s plans.

Until then, make sure to visit our site,, regularly for the latest updates.

So, what do you think? Are you surprised Tesla is going forward and launching the range extender battery pack this October? Also, would you trade one-third of your bed space to get a longer range? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below by clicking the red “Add new comment” button.

Image: Courtesy of Tesla, inc.

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