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Ford Dealers Step Up Customer Service With On-Site Recall Resolution

This story explains how Ford’s dealer network is enhancing the ownership experience by offering innovative and time-saving solutions to recalls.

Getting a recall notice is never fun. Why do they always arrive just after your vehicle was in for service? Ford understands that recalls should be as easy on the owner as practical. That’s why Ford and its dealer service network, one of the largest in the country, have started to perform some recall work on-site in the driveways of those customers who need a recall resolved.

Image of Ford Bronco Sport recall receipt by John GorehamFord Bronco Sport Badlands - NHTSA Recall 24V267
One of the personal vehicles owned by the Torque News team is my 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands. I paid just above MSRP for this vehicle and have now owned it for just under a year. Some Ford Bronco Sports have had trouble restarting after the stop-start system turned the engine off. The fix is to reprogram the vehicle’s Body Control Module (BCM) and Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 

The underlying issue is that these controllers may not be able to detect a sudden change in the 12-Volt battery’s state of charge. The computers incorrectly sense an error, and they then disable operation of the vehicle. I had experienced no problems, but of course opted to have the recall performed as soon as I could. 

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Acton Ford Mobile Service
My local Ford dealer offers many helpful ways to handle service, repairs, and recalls. When I brought my vehicle in to check on an issue, I was offered a ride to and from the dealership. This impressed me, and it led me to look more closely at how I could manage having my vehicle in for service. That was when I first heard that a mobile service vehicle existed for certain situations.

When I received my recall notice from Ford by snail mail (thanks, Congress), I phoned to make my appointment and asked if the mobile service option would work for this recall. Indeed, it could, and my appointment was made for less than 48 hours after my initial call. 

Image of Ford mobile serviceMobile Service - Reprogramming Controllers
The Mobile Service vehicle arrived on time at the arranged timeslot. A technician and a trainer came. The technician was still training, hence the two service people. I assumed that the technician would dive right into the reprogramming to save time, but I was mistaken.

First, a no-cost multi-point inspection was performed. The vehicle’s tires, battery, fluid levels, wipers, and a few other items were all inspected. My washer fluid was low, and the technician filled it.

Image of Ford mobile service

Next, the vehicles were positioned side to side and cables were hooked up to enable power to the vehicle separate from my 12-V battery. The technician then connected a laptop to the vehicle’s OBD2 port and began the reprogramming process. I was told the work could take up to 40 minutes, but it ended up taking less than half that time. 

Image of Ford mobile service by John GorehamOTA Updates
Like all modern vehicles, my Ford Bronco Sport Badlands can do certain things over the air. It has both telematics and Wi-Fi capability if it needs to be updated. However, some things require a technician’s involvement. 

Conclusion - Ford Is Making Moves To Enhance the Ownership Experience
This is my first Ford vehicle. I was not sure what to expect from the dealer network, but thus far, I have been very impressed. Although I did not purchase my vehicle from my closest Ford dealer due to availability, they still offered to help me with any questions I had after my purchase. In addition, the three Ford dealers nearest to my home have all spent an enormous sum of money to add DCFC EV chargers and a boatload of level 2 chargers - all for public use. The ability to get a ride back and forth when I need to put my car in for service was a nice touch. However, what impressed me the most was the mobile service option. It is clear that Ford and its dealer network are committed to outstanding customer service. 

Author Note: I have not purchased a vehicle from the Ford dealer mentioned in this story. The author paid for the vehicle in full and is not a media test loaner. In fact, I paid a smidge above MSRP for it. We mention these facts so the reader understands this is not an advertisement or a story offered in trade for any discounts or services. 

All images by John Goreham.

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