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Ford Recalling 30,000 2022-2023 Mustangs Because of Steering Glitch

A gear issue can force the steering wheel to turn the wrong way when the driver is trying to steer. Luckily, Ford says the problem has not caused any accidents or injuries.

A supplier’s assembly issue is causing headaches for Ford Motor. The company is forced to recall 30,735 of its popular 2022-2023 Ford Mustangs because the steering gears were improperly calibrated. According to paperwork filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the problem can cause the steering wheel to start turning on its own, in the opposite direction. Losing the ability to steer the vehicle could easily cause an accident. Ford has had two reports of problems but luckily no accidents or injuries.

What is Causing the Steering Problem

The problems originated at the Nexteer Plant in Mexico. The secondary digital torque sensor in the steering gear was calibrated with an inverted polarity. According to the company, “The steering wheel may begin oscillating without warning (alternating clockwise/counterclockwise) when the driver attempts to steer. The oscillation results from the electronic power steering gear providing unintended steering assist.”

Ford has been able to trace the issue back to the steering gear modules that came from Nexteer. Unfortunately, the modules were not installed in sequential order in all the Mustangs, so Ford has to track down which vehicles were affected. Ford does know the vehicles were produced between Sep 15, 2022 - Apr 05, 2023.

How Ford will Fix the Problem

Owners will be notified by mail starting August 5, 2024. Owners will have to take their vehicle to a Ford dealer to have the Power Steering Control Module (PSCM) software updated. All of the work will be done free of charge, but it can’t be done over-the-air.

Owners with more questions are asked to contact Ford at 1-866-436-7332. The NHTSA number for this recall is 24V-493. Ford’s number for this recall is 24S44.

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