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Read Ford Mustang news and reviews from Torque News. The Ford Mustang is an American automotive icon. It was immediately a success since it was launched April 17, 1964. And ever since, this pony car is the longest-running car in the American auto industry with uninterrupted production every model. Now in its sixth generation, the Mustang continues to dominate the muscle car/sports coupe segment.

The Mustang will be the last car remaining in the Ford lineup, which says a lot about this car’s importance to Ford and the industry. While sales have dropped over the last several years, Ford continues to invest in the Mustang offering high-performance variants and special edition versions. The Mustang has been sold globally in 146 countries worldwide.

Recently, Ford made a splash by introducing the Mustang Mach-E which is an all-electric crossover. By using the Mustang name on this vehicle it shows Ford values the iconic name and value of the Mustang badge. More than 10 million Mustangs have been sold since its creation. There is no intention of discontinuing the Mustang as a pony car/sports coupe and there will be an electrified version of the Mustang pony car in coming years to go along with GT350, GT500 and a new Mach 1 version to continue this iconic nameplate.

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Ford Lightning

2022 Was Quite A Year For Ford With New Models, A Prestigious Award, And Huge Demand

This year has been quite a big one for Ford, with a new model proving so attractive to buyers that the reservation period is over, and buyers won't have their compact pickups until sometime next year. Also, the Lightning continues to attract new buyers to the electric pickup.

Ford To Campaign 7th Gen Mustang At 24 Hours Of Le Mans

If you are into motoring and racing history, the chances are good that you have seen the 2019 move "Ford versus Ferrari," which detailed the duel between the corporate automotive giants to see who would take Le Mans at the time. It turns out that Ford would win in grand fashion in 1966 with a 1-2-3 win and later wins through 1969. Now, Ford will return to Le Mans in the automaker's seventh-gen Mustang.

All-New Mustang Sets Bold New Style With Cockpit, Advanced Engine; Retains Manual

With lots of flourish and fanfare, Ford has launched the seventh generation Mustang. The launch coincided with the end of The [Ford] Stampede and the beginning of the Detroit auto show that roared back to life after three years. Some watchers have saId this might be the last generation internal-combusion engined Mustang -- well only time will tell.

Plans For Powerful Hybrid Mustang Reportedly Shelved

As the big reveal gets closer and closer more information is coming out about the upcoming 2024 Mustang. For sure, it will likely have a V8 powerplant under the hood. Indeed, the V8 is likely the last gasoline engine that will power the Mustang line. Plans for a hybrid -- battery/gas engine -- Mustang have reportedly been shelved. The reveal is coming Sept. 14.