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There's One Entire Group Who Won’t Buy The New Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is arguably the best pickup truck you can buy. But one buyer segment won't buy America's best-selling truck. Check it and see if you fit.

The Ford F-150 is the best-selling pickup truck in America for a reason. With eight different trim levels, there's something for everyone. However, one buyer segment won't buy Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Here's why.

Some vehicles are the best for tall drivers. You can check out those models in my report here. Then, some models are the best for short drivers. You can check out those models in my recent report here.

Which Buyers Will Avoid The Ford F-150?

And then there are the vehicles you'll want to avoid because they are the worst for short drivers. The Ford F-150 falls into this category. In this report, I'll cover the worst from an updated ranking from Consumer Reports (by subscription). 

Consumer Reports examined the scores of recently tested 2024 model-year vehicles for seat comfort, driving position, access (how easy they are to get into and out of), and view to determine which ones are better or worse for short drivers. Among their testers, the shortest is 5 feet, 1 inch, and the tallest is 6 feet, 2 inches. 

Consumer Reports says, "Buying a car is an expensive, long-term commitment. Once you've narrowed your shopping list down to a few good models, it's critical to make sure you find them comfortable to drive. Before you buy, make sure the car fits your size." 

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The Ford F-150 Has Too Much Room?

Of course, taller drivers will like the Ford F-150 because it has plenty of room for the driver to find the perfect driving position. However, short drivers will discover the F-150 a challenge because of its interior seating design, which has the most room. 

Ford says, "With exceptional roominess and seating for you and up to five friends—both two-legged and four-legged—the 2024 F-150 pickup exhibits outstanding comfort and convenience. Designed to make your time spent inside the cab productive with multiple interior configurations while also offering available rich leather heated and ventilated seats, you may never want to leave it."

You'll Like The Ford F-150 Unless You're A Shorter Driver 

Based on the Consumer Reports ranking, here are the ten worst cars for short drivers.  

  1. Mazda MX-5 Miata
  2. Jeep Wrangler
  3. Chevrolet Camaro
  4. Nissan Z
  5. Jeep Gladiator
  6. Mitsubishi Mirage
  7. Ford F-150
  8. Lucid Air
  9. Nissan Titan
  10. Porsche 718 Boxter

The Ford F-150 is the seventh-worst new vehicle for shorter drivers. One downside is the high step-in. Shorter drivers will struggle every time they get in and out of the tall-riding pickup. My wife complains about this every time I bring home a tall vehicle to test drive.

What Do Owners Say?

According to Consumer Reports owner surveys, the F-150's front access gets a 3/5 rating for how easy it is for various-sized testers to enter and exit the front seats. Areas of CR's evaluation include, but are not limited to, vehicle height, door opening size and shape, door handles, and clearance for head, legs, and feet while entering.

I found an interesting story in the New York Post. The report says Americans are getting shorter, especially those who work in certain professions.

The report based on analysis from the Washington Post said, "More blue-collar occupations — such as cleaners, farmhands, machine operators and individuals working in food service — were among the shortest."

Those in blue-collar occupations are most likely looking for a pickup truck to haul their supplies and work equipment. The F-150 will be on their list, but they may find it too big and look at another vehicle. 

Is Ford Worried About Losing This Buyer Segment?

I would say that Ford couldn't care less about losing a few buyers because they are too short to drive the full-size F-150 pickup truck. Ford recently entered the compact pickup market. 

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Ford Answered The Problem With The Ford Maverick

However, Ford recently released the all-new Maverick compact pickup truck, which has many advantages, especially for shorter drivers. 

It's the least expensive compact pickup truck you can buy. It ranks high for fuel economy (Hybrid trim), competent ride and handling, maneuverability, visibility, and ease of access. These are all things shorter drivers are looking for.

Consumer Reports says, "The Maverick is a new small pickup based on Ford's Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs. Starting around $23,000, it occupies an increasingly popular niche—a small truck that can be bought on a budget. With a civilized ride, handy maneuverability, easy access, and decent fuel efficiency, the Maverick outscores every pickup in its class, other than the larger and more expensive Honda Ridgeline."

Shorter drivers won't like the 2024 Ford F-150. It's just too big and doesn't fit a smaller-framed individual. But the Ford Maverick could be the answer.   

Before you go, There may be good truck deals right now, but the 2024 Ford F-150 Hybrid and a Ford Maverick trim level are the worst deals. See how much over MSRP you'll pay to get one. Truck shoppers beware. Check out my report here. 

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I am Denis Flierl, a top Torque News reporter since 2012. I’ve invested over 13 years in the automotive industry in a consulting role, working with every major car brand. I am an experienced Rocky Mountain Automotive Press member. You'll find my expert Subaru analysis here. Follow me on my X SubaruReportAll Subaru, WRXSTI, @DenisFlierlFacebook, and Instagram.

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George (not verified)    June 2, 2024 - 11:10AM

I am 5’ - 0” and find all new Ford vehicles uncomfortable. Ford and most companies decided years ago that the seat bottoms had to be longer and the seat edge stiffer. The power seats do not tilt down in the front anymore. All of this results in the end of the seat being directly behind my knee which cuts off blood circulation. I will have to keep my 2005 F250 and 2003 escape as these were the most comfortable vehicles for me.