Ford F150

The Ford F Series has been the bestselling vehicle in America for more than three and a half decades and as the most popular option in the F Series lineup, the F150 is effectively the single most popular vehicle in America.
Dumb Catalytic Converter Thieves Warning

Why Not All Ford Catalytic Converter Thefts are Bad News for Owners

Here’s the latest by one mechanic on why you should not overreact right after finding out someone was under your truck with a power saw going after your vehicle’s catalytic converter. Plus, some bonus information on an inexpensive DIY measure you can use to prevent catalytic converter theft.
2023 Ford Lightning Pro SSV

Wall St. Journal Takes Aim At Ford Success And It Misses

We know that the news from Washington and the major world capitals slows down in August. It's the month in Europe when folks take their vacations and it is the time in Washington when everyone escapes the oppressive heat and humidity. Because life slows down appreciably, there are fewer easy headlines for reporters to write cover and write about. What better time to do a hit piece on a successful automaker like Ford?
Ford Lightning Put to the Charging Question Test

Can You Charge a Ford F-150 Lightning at a Campground Power Outlet or Off of a Hybrid?

Are you a Ford F-150 Lightning owner or thinking about buying one with plans to go cross country into remote areas such as Dead Horse, Alaska? Then this is a must-watch video to find out whether this is really possible and some precautions you must take before attempting a trip that can easily turn into a doomed quest.
F-150 Lightning Charging Mach-E

Ford Potentially Including Tesla Charge Adaptor In F-150 Lightning

The rivalry between Ford and Tesla in the electric vehicle wars is no secret with the two firms drawing the battle lines in their attempts to dominate the segment. A rumored move by Ford could be the ultimate act of trolling, with the F-150 Lightning potentially adding an adaptor to hook up to Tesla vehicles
Jay Leno & Ford CEO Jim Farley

Ford CEO Admits Tesla’s Giga Texas Increased F-150 Lightning production From 20K To 150K A Year

At his latest appearance on Jay Leno's Garage, Ford CEO Jim Farley admitted he convinced his colleagues to increase F-150 Lightning production from 20,000 to 150,000 vehicles a year by pointing to Tesla's production plans at Giga Texas.