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Used Ford Truck Models You Can Fix and Save Money

Looking for a way to save money with an older model Ford Truck? Here is a list of models you can work on solving many problems yourself with this one useful new resource.

A popular traditional car and truck repair manual publication has recently focused on individual model manuals for a wide range of Ford trucks that is a significant improvement over the old-style manuals of the past.

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Yep, that’s right―The Haynes automotive manual. But not the one your father had for working on his truck. Today, there’s a new kid on the block that is faster, more easily read, and offers much more information for fixing many models of Ford trucks.

A New Manual Format Available For DIY Ford Car And Truck Repairs

One surprising fact is that despite the complexity of relatively modern Ford trucks, many models still possess relatively simple maintenance and repair tasks well within the capabilities of most people.

The publishers of Haynes reassures us that many of these repairs are doable with their manual series that now includes a new and improved online DIY Manual that will “…help you take full control of your car’s repair and maintenance tasks with 10-times more coverage than a printed book and thousands of tasks covered,” according to their advertisement.

“The new Haynes DIY brings you a revolutionary repair manual with features like an electrical diagnostic tool; crisp new layout and design that makes information more accessible. An exhaustive warning light index for your vehicle making it easy to locate issues; and unprecedented access to repair information like never before. An A to Z of comprehensive vehicle repair procedures,” promises their website video about the new Haynes, DIY.

Haynes, DIY is an improvement over their traditional printed manual with its included features such as color photos and images as well as expanded discussions that includes:

  • 1000+ tutorials, including practical Haynes tips
  • Instructional videos
  • Detailed instructions
  • Symptom-based diagnostic search
  • OBD/OBD-II fault codes and warning lights
  • Up-to-date service schedule advice
  • Removal and refit for every major component
  • Accurate lubricant and fluid guidance
  • Cooling system maintenance and support
  • Steering and wheel alignment
  • Accurate torque settings

What Ford Truck Manuals are Available?

For Ford trucks, the new style digital manuals offered include a range of truck models from as early as 2015 to as recent as 2023.

The Ford truck model manuals Offered include the following 5 models:

  1. Ford F-150 2015-2020 
  2. Ford F-250 2017-2022 
  3. Ford F-350 2017-2022
  4. Ford F-350 Super Duty 2023 to present
  5. Ford Ranger 2019-2023

To find the manual right for you here is the link to the Haynes offer for their new online manual that is a game-changer for Ford enthusiasts and DIY mechanics.

And even if you have no desire to do any DIY car repairs, the manuals are invaluable as a good and easy-to-understand resource for fact-checking a repair that a mechanic or service center tech says that your car needs. Have you ever tried to fix a used Ford or any other used Ford by yourself? Please click the red link below to write your comment and join the discussion.

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