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Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan achieve milestones

Lamborghini has achieved two major milestones in the production of its Aventador and Huracan models. First, Aventador reached its sixth production anniversary with its 9,000 units produced. Second, the successful Huracan reached the 9,000-unit level three years earlier than Aventador as Lambo marked the third production anniversary of the supercar.


You would think that with the amount they charge for supercars that an automaker wouldn’t have to sell many to make a vehicle a critical and commercial success. Let’s face it, once you have laid out half-a-million dollars for models like the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster or Huracan, you would have thought that the automaker would make a substantial amount per unit. So, if there were 2,000 units sold in any year, there would be a handsome chunk of change in Lambo’s bank account.

And, granted that each one of the copies built requires an extensive amount of handwork by artisans who are skilled in everything from metal bending to creating unique pieces that may be needed to help complete each model. All of that specialized work does eat into the bottom line, so it does cut the per-model profit.

With that said, Aventador is marking to significant achievements right now. The supercar, whose production began in 2011, has been in production for six years and it officially hit its six-year production anniversary. During that time, Lamborghini’s artisans have rolled out 9,000 units. According to the automaker, the chassis is the platform for an Aventador S, headed for the U.S. The vehicle was in Grigio Adamas, a shade of pewter that fits the Avenator quite well.

Lambo’s second production supercar, the Huracan, has been a commercial success, as the Aventador. And, like the Aventador, there is a great deal of hand-work involved with creating a supercar like the quarter-million-dollar Huracan. Interestingly, Huracan has proven an incredible model in its market. Where it has taken six years to reach 9,000 Aventadors, it has only taken three years to achieve the same output for Huracans. Chassis number 9,000, in Blue Nethuns, is a Performante. A customer in Dubai will be driving when delivered.

Source: Lamborghini