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Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Is A 630 Horsepower Rally Car

Lambo's V10 off-roader looks extremely production-ready in latest teaser video titled "Beyond the Concrete."

When Lamborghini showed us the Huracan Sterrato concept renderings back in 2019 we thought it was just a fun design exercise which would never see production. How gloriously wrong we were (perhaps).

In this latest teaser video from everyone's favourite spaceship manufacturer we see a slightly altered, though essentially similar, version of the 630 horsepower rally car from a couple of years ago racing against a mountain biker in what looks to be Tuscany.


Gone is the roof-mounted light bar though the roof rails remain and a large air scoop has been added at the top of what would be the Sterrato's rear window. That's still covered by perennially-badass louvres and the rally lights mounted above the front bumper have been carried over as well.

A Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is pictured parked at the side of a gravel road as the sun sets over hills in the background.

Skid plates are present to protect the Sterrato's undercarriage while raised suspension, fender flares and chunkier all-terrain tires enhance the V10 off-roader's abilities when the asphalt ends.

Rear view of the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato showing its rear window louvres and roof-mounted air scoop.

Speaking of V10s, the Sterrato makes use of the 630+ horsepower variant found in the Huracan Evo with Lamborghini's all-wheel drive and rear-steer systems tuned for off-road performance.

The Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is pictured parked beside the mountain biker it races in the new "Beyond the Concrete" teaser video.

There's still no official confirmation that the Sterrato will go into production but Lamborghini promised a pair of new Huracan variants by the end of 2022 with the rear-wheel drive Technica serving as the first. It's looking extremely likely that the Sterrato will be the second of those models. Pure bedroom wall poster material, as usual.

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Images and video by Lamborghini licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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