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Tesla Giga Berlin Produces 1 Model Y Every 150 Seconds

Tesla Giga Berlin Produces 1 Model Y Every 150 Seconds

A video, released hours ago, shows that Tesla Giga Berlin is producing Model Y electric vehicles every 150 seconds. This translates into 1000 vehicles a week at Giga Berlin.

On the site for the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, construction is now being carried out twice: In several places there, workers were still building roads or completing the square battery building on Wednesday. At the same time, however, Model Y was produced in the long main building of the Gigafactory, as can be seen from a drone video. Observer @tobilindh timed how much time passed before one of these rolled out the next one from the factory. It was about two and a half minutes, which would mean that extrapolated to 1000 Model Y per week.

New Model Y rolling out of Tesla Giga Berlin.

With the Delivery Day for the handover of the first 30 Model Y from Grünheide last week, the Tesla factory officially started operations. She had previously produced hundreds of electric cars on a test basis, but they were not allowed to be sold. But with the regular start, the work there is far from over. The start of production is relatively easy, explained Tesla CEO Elon Musk last October at a giga festival for fans and the local population, the subsequent ramp-up was difficult.

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