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The Truth About Tesla Says This Mechanic

Here’s an update by a mechanic who in the past reported on what he says are truths about electric vehicles and Tesla that no one else will talk about publicly.


Being Truthy

In earlier articles we’ve learned that owning an EV is not without its problems---which is to be expected with any new technology. However, one mechanic in particular is more vocal than others regarding EVs not so much about the technology, but when the truths about the tech are buried under layers of media hype and hidden truths or outright lies of what life is going to be like after buying an EV and the real risk of EV deaths when an EV and ICE vehicle collide.

Autopilot Problems, Accidents, and Death

That voice is often the one of Scotty Kilmer from the Scotty Kilmer YouTube channel where in his typical flamboyant “Tell it like it is” style of reporting, tells car owners what he believes that they need to know about their cars.

In a recent episode Scotty goes after not just EVs, but Tesla in particular with a breakdown of information involving Tesla and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

The focus of Scotty’s truth is that aside from what we’ve been told so far, in reality we are much further away from fully automated self-driving vehicles than we have been led to believe. And that Tesla is a good example of why this is true.

The value of this video is that it provides an update on Tesla-related accidents and where the fault lies when it comes to Tesla’s autopilot problems, accidents and deaths and what this could mean to you if Tesla doubles its sales by the end of this year as projected.

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No One is Telling You the Truth About Tesla, So I Have to

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Timothy Boyer is a Torque News automotive reporter based in Cincinnati. Experienced with early car restorations, he regularly restores older vehicles with engine modifications for improved performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for daily new and used vehicle news.

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Nate (not verified)    August 18, 2022 - 5:09PM

Oh Scotty Kilmer huh?
See, I was going to care about what this guy said, but since it's him and all he cares about is Toyota, it's kind of impossible to listen to anything he says.