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Can You Charge a Ford F-150 Lightning at a Campground Power Outlet or Off of a Hybrid?

Are you a Ford F-150 Lightning owner or thinking about buying one with plans to go cross country into remote areas such as Dead Horse, Alaska? Then this is a must-watch video to find out whether this is really possible and some precautions you must take before attempting a trip that can easily turn into a doomed quest.


Road Trip Testing the Lightning

Here’s a must-watch video for not just Ford F-150 Lightning drivers but other electric vehicle owners as well in which a team from The Fast Lane Truck YouTube channel puts the Lightning to the real world “Why Did I Buy This Truck?!” test by taking a 3,500-mile trip cross country to Dead Horse, Alaska!

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Earlier we had discovered the shortcomings of the F-150 Lightning in a long-distance tow challenge. But how will it do without towing anything or being loaded down like a Dust Bowl farm immigrant truck from the 1930s?

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Let’s find out in this interesting and practical challenge that can help you make a truck buying decision to find out if the Ford F-150 Lightning can fulfill your needs and desires in an electric truck. Especially when considering that EV charging stations on their route will be few and far between leaving the team dependent on some modifications to their travel plans.

In this video you will discover:

• The realities of charging at campgrounds
• Why your EV tire choice plays an important role during this kind of trip
• How shifting elevation and locale changes affect travel in the Lightning
• What your options are without a charging station or campground nearby
• A discussion of charging adapters and potential problems
• Whether a Hybrid owner help you out if stranded

That said, here is the first part of this series to see what the team is doing, how they are doing it, and whether this makes sense for traveling cross country in an electric vehicle like the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Here's Our Cunning Plan to Drive the EV Ford F-150 Lightning 3,500 Miles to Dead Horse Alaska - Ep.1

And finally…

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Image Source: Pexels