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Reasons Why Many Truck Owners are Sticking with ICE Over Electric

Should your next truck or other vehicle be an EV? You might want to consider the main reasons why truck owners are deciding to stick with their traditional internal combustion engine over a battery pack powered motor in this truck challenge video.


Gas vs Electric Challenge

Which truck can go the most distance? Here’s what was recently posted pitting an EV against an ICE truck on the same road towing the same 6,000-pound weight under one full gas tank/charged battery pack scenario. The vehicles used to answer this question include a 6.2L V8 GMC versus a fully electric Ford F-150 Lightning challenge brought to us by the Fast Lane Truck YouTube channel.

But is This a Fair Test Challenge?

Many would argue that while the driving conditions are equal, the vehicles compared are not---based on the simple fact that the GMC was designed with the focus of a strong vehicle capable of pulling its weight and more. However, the Ford Lightning not as much so. Which begs the question “Is this a fair test challenge?

Depending on how one defines “fair” there are many points of argument. For example, what are the elevation changes on the route? Are there significant crosswind conditions? And what about the environmental temperatures? All of which are already known to place an EV under a significant comparison handicap.

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However, to keep this simple, the underlying question really is if you were to tow a heavy load over long distances, which vehicle would you prefer to do the job? That is the real take-home message of this challenge.

The Video Results

While the Ford Lightning performance proved to be disappointing, it was nice to see a real-world side-by-side road test comparison that also illustrated some of the modern towing features in today’s trucks. Plus, it also highlighted some of the practical challenges of towing with an electric truck that are definitely worth considering before deciding to go electric with your truck buying decision.

That said, it is an enjoyable video proven to be informative and perhaps will tip the scales of your decision making when considering buying an EV over a traditional ICE truck.

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And finally…

We would like to hear from you: In your estimation was this a fair comparison challenge? Did the results change how you feel about switching to either truck type? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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